1. Maybe try a fabric for the curtains and like a nice grey colour.

  2. me and my friends built a strip club and of course, we got reported numerous times and we just say the poles are just pillars to keep the ceiling intact and the rooms r just mini hotels. still standing strong

  3. How you get that" delivery person enjoyer" tag? I am not really used to reddit.

  4. If you go to the community thing and you see those three dots? Click it and click Change user flair

  5. Add gravity, can't wait to see what happens.

  6. Really nice! I think it's one of those New York apartments?

  7. In my opinion it looks fine, atleast better than what I can build.

  8. I like the classic pre built style. I know some people tell that the prebuilts are trash but i think they are cozy especially the Cozy cottage prebuilt.

  9. Not only glitches, the people don't wanna rp too.Bloxburg is really falling apart

  10. That's what I call an AWESOME Victorian style house.Very nice , i wish i had the money and gamepasses so I could probably build like ya !

  11. Maybe some small shops or bakery, gym or maybe a small police station !

  12. It's a really nice kitchen. I can't find anything a kitchen needs but this doesn't have!

  13. A taxi job would be great too,faster than pizza delivery and same payouts.

  14. Bigger inventory space plz And an improved town

  15. Will it look good if i use the same wall colors in the entire house or should I use different colours?

  16. That's AMAZING! Bloxburg has a lot of talented builders.

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