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One Piece: Chapter 1055

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I'm catching the vibration

  1. I have to be honest I was a little disappointed because I was watching the kid wearing 30 near the 3 point line. I thought he would dish a three lol

  2. Is the treasure hunter paragon tree better for farming?

  3. And now those sheeps see a few pros complaining and they are hopping the "nerf him into the ground" bangwagon. Most probably haven't even played him more than a handful of games.

  4. Man you broke the glass for me. I just noticed this is how Bleach felt for me way way back before it ended.

  5. Yeah, I follow TSM mainly, but like Tripods for the story. People quick to say they didn’t earn it, but they’ve been saying that about them from the start when they didn’t even give them a shot during CC, LCQ2, etc. Yesterday was ugly, but that’s such a short sighted thing to write them off already. Lewda on vacation, Nick on Warzone, Deeds probably still doing homework… they’ll be more refined as ALGS S3 approaches. Don’t think they’ll finish top half, but think it’s gonna be a lot better than the HisAndHers tourney

  6. Yeah, but cows today have heated leather seats on all standard models.

  7. This should be goated. Scaffolding, toaster, onesies, fouled out, and Cap'n Klay. I think the only one missing is China Klay.

  8. I've been wondering about this and am very glad Keon got signed. His teammate HisWattson showed how good he is at the pro scene. Hopefully Keon does too.

  9. Counting down before shooting one target. I usually see this when an opposing team has a strong support like Gibby.

  10. I'm surprised even that many had played it. That's kind of the point of mobile offshoots of big franchises. Reach customers you weren't reaching with your main game.

  11. I've been a little active in this sub lately because of DI. Since trying DI, I've finished D3 and I tried D2 last night. Everyone says D2 is good so I'll try to finish it again (I have to admit the dated action is a bit of deterrent to my taste). I'm loving the franchise and have checked every official D4 video released and am eagerly waiting for it.

  12. dated action? I'm no hardcore d2 simp but I think its combat holds up, as someone who played it for the first time in like 2017(no strong nostalgia goggles). Maybe try a more ranged/spell build, if you're not already. Melee does feel janky sometimes

  13. Forgive me but I didn't say the gameplay was bad. I love the gameplay and the hook is there. Please take what I said as it is. How the toons act (animations and all) looks dated.

  14. You will probably like D3 more. D2R is a lot of grinding, but requires a lot of trading and game knowledge of those trades to make major progress. D3 is a lot more forgiving, and grinding rifts and greater rifts is basically always helping and moving the needle on your character. D3 is also most closer to DI if you like the feel of that combat. D2R’s combat is definitely dated at this point and much more clunky.

  15. You won’t be able to chose difficulty. The Nightmare and Hell difficulties will be locked out from your character. You’ll need to complete the campaign on Normal difficulty to access Nightmare, then Nightmare to access Hell. With each new character you want to play

  16. Will the items I get from previous playthroughs be available on stash?

  17. How is Barbarian in D2? I'm a newbie at Diablo franchise and have been enjoying it the past month :)

  18. Shanks entire role is appear every 500+ chapters, do something hella cool, generated hype and then disappear for another 500+ chapters and I love it!

  19. I've already commented to another person above. I'm a newcomer to D3 coming from DI. I've already finished the campaign with a sader and have jumped to adventure mode.

  20. With the newest patch, you'll have access to everything. In order to get Challenge Rifts unlocked, you first need to complete a Greater Rift. The level of it doesn't matter.

  21. Yes, gamble trader is the guy selling random items. Try to buy 10 (daily soft cap) main armor pieces and weapon pieces as often as possible and ignore belts and rings.

  22. Luffy just watching a fight between a yonko's child and a marine admiral. Rayleigh level of cool. That's how far he has come.

  23. Please stop it buddy. Just reading your comment on the Rayleigh parallel gave me goosebumps! Can't handle any more goosebumps in a day!

  24. How about the fact that Zoro and Sanji were also there, just watching casually? Shank's crew level of cool.

  25. Question I have is, if what we describe as Neanderthals were alive today, would they actually be genetically distinct enough to be considered a different species like we commonly do now? Or are they just humans with a slightly different ethnic origin and culture that we labeled a different species for reasons?

  26. Reading those comments are pretty funny. Can’t wait to see other good chars become meta

  27. Man I wish I said something there, be it stupid or smart. Just want to be a part of competitive Apex reddit history. Lol

  28. In PVP once we get to the 2nd respawn point the other team just camps because there is no protection/barrier

  29. he picked jaylen brown’s pocket so many times. we don’t win a playoff game or two without him.

  30. Still remember him casually picking the ball away from Jaylen. Lol.

  31. Sell it. F2P should only be keeping 5/5* BSJ and Seeping Bile in my opinion. Those even at rank 2 add value to any build even if you can never afford to upgrade.

  32. Stupid question but how do I sell gems? When I go to the market place some of my gems don't show up.

  33. I'm at the opposite. I've disliked RPGs for a time after I graduated. Now I am married and I've been seeing myself going back to RPG. I just like to play an hour everyday for relaxation but at the same time I want what I play to have a point--I want to see progression, so I feel that I'm not wasting my time.

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