1. That is a good point, like similarly I am sober but I am not gonna be writing “don’t want to be around drunk people” cuz I’m just not going to put myself in that position. The aggressiveness is sus

  2. I’m also a sober trans guy who’s bi leaning towards gay! I’ve had similar issues with cis men who put on their profiles that they’re only seeking trans men… it’s a huge turn off for me because I feel like these guys want me for the body parts that I have, not the man that I am. If you’re not interested in men, then you’re not interested in me.

  3. “You can’t be trans because you like men”… yeah, it’s called being GAY.

  4. I’m currently running Scrafty, Swampert, Golbat with some success at Ace rank. But I hate encountering Skarmory because I don’t have any great counters for that. Just try to spam them with Hydro Cannon

  5. My favorite part is that the post is tagged as NSFW 😅

  6. Was this outside of Houston? I ran into a gym with the exact same set of shiny Eevee evolutions but no Rhyperior

  7. I have my gymbait pre-named (-AAA) so I can put them into a gym quickly on a drive by. One of them is a shiny rhyperior…so this could be me.

  8. Pro tip—if you’ve already clicked the button to add a Pokémon to the gym and then drive out of range of the gym, you can still drop your Pokémon in!

  9. Thanks everyone for your recommendations! I got some games boxer briefs and am very happy 😊

  10. I’m at rank 20 and keep catching f’ing wingulls from GBL, so don’t beat yourself up! I mostly do PVP for the stardust, not the Pokémon encounters. I also avoid Master League like the plague 😅. Good luck!

  11. Bring him to spcaLA! They take strays and get them neutered/spayed and put up for adoptions. It’s where I got my baby boy from! Or if you wanna keep him, try SNPLA—they have free & low cost clinics that provide all the services. Same with ASPCA

  12. Thank you ! I will check them out tmo. Unfortunately it’s too late in the day and a federal holiday so I wouldn’t expect them to be open. I can’t keep him but it would be immoral to leave him here

  13. Did a little research! LA County Animal Care 24 hr hotline. I’d call them and see if they can help you find a clinic/shelter to take him to that’s open now. Thank you for being a good person and rescuing that kitty!! ❤️🐈

  14. Hi! Trans man here. I started using the men’s bathroom right after I came out, before even starting T. I have short hair and am fairly tall (5’7”) so as long as I didn’t speak, I passed well enough. From a distance, people would call me sir, but close-up, I was called miss.

  15. Pedialyte is even better than Gatorade—way more electrolytes. If you’re feeling really shitty, I’d recommend calling a few local urgent cares and finding one that can give you an IV of fluids if you’re really dehydrated. I’ve done this before and it makes me feel a lot better. Just make sure to call ahead because not all urgent cares have this capability and you don’t want to go to the ER for something like this.

  16. I have a 100 IV Dragonite that I got from a raid. I also have several 90% plus dratinis. I’d hold out for a stronger one

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