Jim Carrey slams Will Smith

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  1. #7: So, uh, what's the deal with the desk ornament thing? I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that!

  2. That error states that the streaming engine is not running (which includes the torrent engine, so torrents specifically cannot work without the streaming server running). The web version you are using is not a project that is released to the public as a web version, it is the actual UI for the desktop app, which is designed to always expect such a server to be running.

  3. As others have mentioned, sociology is an extremely broad mishmash of theoretical and methodological approaches. Some sociology is extremely theory driven, and some basically just blends into mainstream economics. Other approaches you might want to check out include:

  4. Looks yum. Are these a decent amount of food?

  5. I have half a bag with a decent amount of rice and it is a filling and satisfying dinner.

  6. Agree that the Jungle Curry is great. Much better than the Fragrant Thai Red Curry in my opinion.

  7. I also have quite bad issues with anxiety and tried several different medications. The only one that worked was Pregabalin and it has been extremely effective for me so far. Just thought I would throw it out there on the off-chance you haven't considered it.

  8. Choosing psychiatric medication may fall into this category if you have mental health issues.

  9. I also experienced extremely vivid dreams after starting to 75mg twice a day. They stopped after a week or two for me once I adjusted to the medication. Now I don't have a problem and sleep much better than I used to.

  10. Yes, I tried Pregabalin for anxiety after not responding to two SSRIs and an SNRI. I also only have anxiety and no other co-morbidities. It's working very well for me so far.

  11. I don't know if thats accurate in this situation. People are usually complaining that prices of exported products are similar to domestic prices, when they feel like buying domestic should be cheaper because there's less middlemen and transport/admin/excise/duty costs.

  12. There seems to be a lot of variation in how people respond to Pregabalin.

  13. There isn't an anxiety cure and it's not required. anxiety is a friend who looks out for you all the time, this friend is paranoid but ever vigilant you'll never get another friend like anxiety who will save your life whatever the cost. What people are looking for isn't reality, none of us can live without sorrow, pain, anxiety, suffering at some point in our lives. Some suffer daily with pain, others grief, it's part of our existence. We can't cure anxiety because anxiety is essential. When anxiety becomes a disorder this is what we look to calm and cure, when anxiety becomes a monster and takes over your life to such a degree it's difficult to function. That's the real anxiety, one that has lost touch with its mission and is going down with the ship.

  14. I started on 75mg 2x a day and noticed significant benefits almost immediately.

  15. Level up your Yum Yum by tracking down some MaMa.

  16. Indian snacks aren't known well enough for a country that eats so much Indian takeaway.

  17. This looks great! I love Indian food but have heard of none of these. Would be keen to hear more.

  18. I too noticed benefit soon after taking my First dose at the same dose you’re still. Glad it’s helping!

  19. Thanks! Today is my first day on 150mg twice a day so it will be interesting to see if there are further benefits (or side effects).

  20. I’m curious as well. The only side effect I get (as mentioned in post) is my hands and feet falling asleep if I sit/sleep on it wrong, it just falls asleep earlier than before but it’s tolerable. No weight gain. Just some tiredness but I’m also on other medication, and some of the sedation is good for anxiety so I don’t mind it.

  21. The only side effect I've noticed so far is that I have far more vivid and memorable dreams. Usually I don't remember my dreams. I think this might just be because I've found it difficult to sleep for the last 20 years or so and my sleep quality has been much better during the last week.

  22. "Will has something going on within him and I wish him the best."

  23. In my view, "Good faith" in this context means openly and honestly putting forward arguments for your side, not trying to pretend to be a neutral party when you are not, not relying on arguments from disciplinary authority etc.

  24. I waited about 10 days before giving up and going in to see them in person. Got things sorted in a few minutes. Probably worth going in if it's urgent.

  25. The book looks promising but the Wayback Machine shows that references to the bucket list on that website weren't added till after the movie came out.

  26. Alright I'm over simplifying. It can mean a doubling every day. Happy?

  27. I mean, it can mean that? But it can also mean doubling every 3 days, or every 5 seconds, or every 31.4 years. It wasn't really a helpful statement.

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