The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. The US has gone back to the dark ages, more like Afghanistan now- a theocracy

  2. Anecdotal, but in a small shift team we had 3 test positive and get sent home this week.

  3. For a start, 53% of the UK are non-religious. Other Eoropean countries even more. It doesn't help when in some countries you can't admit to being non-religious because you'll be arrested and in some countries, executed

  4. New peptides against the Omicron variant can be mixed with the Tetanus vaccine for an immediate clinical trial. Because it is a peptide cocktail vaccine, which can cover all of the mutations of Omicron. This Tetanus method can be used for cancer peptide vaccines.

  5. As your typical dumb 'Murican, I just assumed free range titties were universally greenlit across all of Europe. Is Germany the proverbial stick-in-the-mud or did I just a stupid, broad assumption?

  6. Germany has generally been bare body friendly. There are a few European countries where it's frowned on though, like Malta. That's a fairly repressed country due to a widespread catholic influence. Strange because it's LGBT friendly too.

  7. yeah they will certainly now go around topless in pools like they do in the US where is it similarly legal

  8. Maybe they will, most of Europe isn't as prudish as the US where they are held back by an unhealthy amount of religious fundamentalism.

  9. Ah, so this is why “climate change”. Gotcha. Just kidding!

  10. Yes, you got me. My thumb was already moving to the downvote before I reached the end of your post

  11. Which ties in nicely with previous work and the classification of night shift work as a class 2A carcinogen.

  12. Melatonin is a cycle regulator, not a knock out pill. In nature, it is triggered by the onset of night (and potentially sunset sky, I think). So all it does is trigger a chemical “gong” in your head that it’s time to go into sleep mode.

  13. I work a rotating shift pattern, melatonin definitely helps move that 'gong' time to 7AM. Helps with the switch back too on the occasions when my body clock struggles and I wake up at 3AM wide awake and ready to work.

  14. Not a medical person so forgive my ignorance. A male with no multiple co-morbidities, yet then a statement saying:

  15. The window would also seem to be about the same time as a covid wave, and that's known to raise GB risk, or am I misinterpreting this (quite likely)

  16. I agree about the packaging, but fishing is the major contributor

  17. Anyone elso think that "Marine Protected Areas" should actually involve some protection?

  18. Or, and here's a wild thought, people who are overweight should be able to become not overweight through diet and exercise - you know, the things that are proved to work unlike this diabetes drug.

  19. “Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was:

  20. Douglas is one of the few writers I have come across whose fiction reaches a level of absurdity that comes close to reality. Bulgakov is another.

  21. Doesn't fructose get processed differently especially in the absence of fibre?

  22. Yes, processed mostly by the liver and has been known to be problematic

  23. Jesus... I once asked our CBRN chief if there are any long term effects after being exposed to agents. She avoided the question!

  24. Many years ago after gulf War 1, a lot of extra uk military (including me) were trained as NBC Instructors.

  25. That's not a great graph tho. It uses absolute numbers instead of correcting by population. Russia's excess death look only slightly worse than the US in that graph untill you consider the US has over twice the population.

  26. There are other pages on the site that also cover % of population and other options, as well as the ability to add & remove countries for easy comparison. It's very comprehensive.

  27. Relevant 1st amendment portion: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

  28. Not the church of satan, it's the Satanic Temple that tend to be the good guys on that respect.

  29. Many people claimed "vitamin D protects against covid", when the science only said "the people who get covid are often the people who also have low Vitamin D".

  30. Long covid scares the crap out of me. I'm just getting over covid and am fully vaccinated. It's been like a fairly standard cold with one exception, if I walk 20ft I'm already increasing the rate that I'm breathing. I'm not winded, but I know I shouldn't be starting to breathe like I'm riding my bike at a decent cadence....... I really hope that gets better, i enjoy 15 mile bike rides at a good pace.

  31. I got covid in early January. I'm normally in the gym 2-3 times a week, intensive elliptical & fairly heavy weights, and wear a garmin fitness watch.

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