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  1. Thats interesting. But from Spotify the length of the albums are different..🤔

  2. I usually look on Wikipedia because Spotify sometimes messes up the time on the files. Cool observation though

  3. Add more cooler and natural colors on the walls such as white and dark grey if they work. Also color the plants to fit the season like red and orange

  4. I love the atmosphere and it is very unique. It’s a great album but It took me 5+ listens of the whole album to start to enjoy it overall, which makes me understand a little about why some don’t like it.

  5. Mardy bum but alex actually gets stuck in traffic as long as a state

  6. I agree because one of my favorite movies (Kimi no Na wa) was very hard to understand at first because of the weird time jumps but when I re-watched it two times again I finally understood it and it made it more enjoyable once I pieced it together myself

  7. Is it abandoned? It reminds me of an abandoned theater I saw on an Urbex Instagram account

  8. Prison panic is the worst map, instead vote prison panic it’s better

  9. I just was listening to Spotify and it showed up. Idk if it’s updated for everyone on IOS yet but try to enable both settings on the Spotify connection tab

  10. Prob one of those accounts that dress up as a guest, doesn’t even have the numbers lol

  11. Nope, the idiot get denied pretty quick

  12. What - Only the real classy people try to scam you at Walmart?

  13. No wonder he’s on a dating site and still a virgin

  14. Pouring Outside - dyl dion, jt calms me down a lot

  15. The dough doesn’t even looked cooked

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