1. Omg I want to share this to my story since it’s literally me but I don’t want anyone to know it’s from this sub 😂

  2. Delete the watermark at the bottom, sometimes reddit likes to insert one when you save an image :- D

  3. I’ve literally done that with an ED sub and sent it to a friend ☠️

  4. I guess it's not so much that I want her to have the same relationship with my mom. I just feel like rubbing her nose in it with something like a permanent tattoo is a bridge to far. I def see your point though.

  5. Lol you seriously ignoring all the other comments calling you out?

  6. I’m still working on doing problems related to basic DS&A 🙃

  7. Idk why he thought dennys was not it....and made me move....we did end up at the imperial

  8. And why would you thing Denny’s was it lol? Epically for a first date…

  9. When you somehow wind up with the corner that has a tag on it in your face even though you fluffed the blanket the right way... Apparently I'm a blanket spinner

  10. I actually love using men’s deodorant, I just feel like it works so much better and has a stronger odor protection. I like to apply it directly after showering instead of waiting, and that tends to help so much. For feet, organic baby powder before you put socks on can be helpful and always wear fresh socks. Honestly the baby power trick is an old one my mom did since childhood to stay “fresh” and as an adult it still works LOL, you can use it anywhere too. Just make sure you use the organic / talc free. I like to put lotion on right after I get out of the shower to lock the moisture in. After that, when you put perfume on it tends to hold the scent longer when it’s on top of a lotion. It can be helpful to keep a little roller ball in our purse of the perfume so you can apple a little bit when needed throughout the day. I always like to spray it on my clothes as well so that when people hug me they can smell it LOL. Keep your teeth brushed & flossed and make sure to brush your tongue or scrape it which helps a lot with bad breath. Breath mints or gum can be helpful if you don’t have access to a sink during the day and want to keep your breath fresh. Also I love shaving with conditioner instead of shaving cream and using an exfoliator after, it makes your skin soo soft and smooth. Keep little things like feminine hygiene wipes, hand sanitizer, mini deodorant etc with you throughout the day to freshen up, you never know when you might need it.

  11. I second the men’s deodorant! Women’s just doesn’t do enough. I love the old spice figi one! It smells so fresh and doesn’t have a man smell for anyone worried about that.

  12. Why the botox in the armpit?

  13. As an adhd girlie, this is the content I need ❤️

  14. I need this to come to Canada asap. I only drink Monsters for the flavour so this is perfect

  15. Software developer 3 YOE, $105 TC currently but I’m wanting to get a new job. Unfortunately the job market has other plans lol

  16. Omg I have never thought of that I will be doing that when I get home 😂😂

  17. I would either go no eyeliner or make it almost unnoticeable so it doesn’t take away from your great eye shape. Also go get your brows done and start filling them in with a medium brown pencil, it would help make yours eyes stand out even more!!

  18. I did it at home. It’s crucial you only use 70% alcohol to sanitize the roller, both 20 minutes before and after rolling. Have paper towels to dry your hands and not a towel. Do not store dermaroller in the bathroom to inhibit bacteria growing. Replace every 4th use or so. I got great plumping results from it. But it’s a lot of work and I’m not sure I want to use it while using tretinoin.

  19. Not a good idea. Microneedling is very dangerous to do yourself at home and you shouldn’t recommend it to people. At professional places they have regulations to make sure everything is clean. Doing this at home is way more risky.

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