1. I’ve always wondered this.. what If it was a group of robbers setting this up. They tell there buddy to run through a stop sign and don’t stop when a cop sees you. Try to go as long as you can being chased by them. White the other 3 guys are robbing the biggest bank. What they gonna do when 20 cops are too busy chasing one guy? The robbers have a lot of time to get away. The friend eventually gets pulled over goes to jail for idk 6 months? 1 year? Friends now have 20 million and split it 4 ways when the guy gets out. Pretty sure this is a movie plot from somewhere.

  2. I saw that movie... Or maybe it was a book...

  3. Why would this take a month to come to light though?

  4. Capacitor just failed... Called "infant mortality" in the biz. Most of the failures of electronic stuff are in the early life, or at the end. If in fact it was a capacitor or other component in the oven.

  5. I doubt I'll understand if it's beyond this sub - but they also do Gigahertz Internet through AC and that also makes no sense to me. Any ideas?

  6. Bet it doesn't go very far, I think wire nuts and pigtails would screw up the signal propagation. But I have been surprised about stuff working that I thought shouldn't, and vice versa.

  7. It's a piece of wire. Just because the power company is putting 120 volts at 60 Hz on it doesn't stop something else from putting some other stuff on there typically at a high enough frequency as to be able to be filtered out with a simple capacitor rc as a filter. The high freq is modulated in some manner to care information.

  8. Didn't Fairview have an operating loss of 166 Million dollars in just the first half of 2022? How does it help things if they go broke?

  9. It's the acidity that inhibits bacteria growth in soda. Sugar water is a great medium for bacteria growth.

  10. This isn't concentrated enough. For comparison, honey is more than 80 percent sugar.

  11. Hershey syrup doesn't spoil at room temp. Neither does Maple Syrup.

  12. Downvoting post for gall and arrogance... They have no proof of who you are, and why you want their iP. They might not even have the IP if they are buying from a Chinese manufacturer.

  13. Isn't Fairview in pretty deep financial trouble? What would them going bankrupt do to health care?

  14. At the moment, Costco. Or maybe Sturdyk"s?

  15. If the length of the cable is short compared to the wavelength of the highest frequency then impedance is not relevant.

  16. I sometimes share your feelings about sourdough. I have had some commercial sourdough that was so damn sour it was like eating lemonheads or something.

  17. Wasn't DNR it was a local rescue. And the crack was only about 10 or 15 feet wide.

  18. Also Steger Mukluks for foot gear. Some Redwing boots are made in USA.

  19. A partner of mine works for a large county’s fleet department and has been painstakingly trying to get them to implement a procedure that would use far, far less salt on snow call outs. He has tried for years and has gotten almost nowhere. It seems like most of the folks my partner works with could not care less about the jobs they’re doing and implanting change is difficult unless it’s coming from the very top or from complaints from the public.

  20. What they are doing gets the job done. If they changed things people might complain and they would have to deal with it. No upside to the change for the person in charge.

  21. Actually, all studies that I have read have suggested that road salting is not especially wasteful (it is harmful still). That is, road salting is pretty effective as far as not applying too much salt.

  22. And make it so you don't get to sue if you slip and fall down on the sidewalk in front of a business, and change the ADA so having a parking lot covered in ice doesn't get folks sued. /s

  23. If you read the article you would see that funding is largely tied to enrollment. With enrollment going down they are losing funds while still operating the same amount of buildings, staff, etc. It sounds like they will have to make large budget cuts to stay solvent. That probably will mean layoffs and closing schools. Kids may need to travel further to get to school. They might need to cut programs.

  24. But they won't lay off consultants and administrators and paper pushers. It is a classic move "more money or we shoot sports and band and art and make class sizes huge"

  25. Poorly defined question. You need to know the rpm to calculate the output power, but you still won't know the input power drawn by the motor.

  26. The liquor stores and distributors have a hell of a lobbying organization. The politicians are in their pockets. Go back and read about the last update to the law that allowed sunday off sale

  27. While I fully agree with you, how many spaces is that after each period?

  28. no reason to pre boil if there is enough hot liquid to dissolve them

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