1. “I'm just giving a voice to all the silenced mothers who were forced out of their jobs.”

  2. Every time I hear Colbert’s name I think of him aggressively pooh-poohing the claims about a DC pizza parlor being a cover for a child sex trafficking ring catering to elites. Megyn Kelly on Fox News did the same; the owner James Alefantis was interviewed and presented as a regular guy being persecuted by internet crazies.

  3. For some reason the idiot called me misogynist no idea why lol

  4. Sounds like a troll. They’re trying to make you upset and waste your time because they’ve got nothing better to do.

  5. Reverse the situation. If it’s only a max of 2 minutes why can’t you wait. Why so impatient? Food won’t go cold in that time.

  6. How about this, it’s nice to wait but if the other person is waiting for you, not telling them to go ahead is rude. You don’t know when your food is coming. Just considerate.

  7. Unless it’s a cat. Cats are terrible

  8. Kittens are. Cats are parasites. Feed off the owners and give nothing in return.

  9. Cats will love you if you treat them right. Play with them, pet them according to their wishes, etc. Not hard.

  10. I might agree with this IF the carrying of said firearm required extensive training in the use of that firearm in high stress situations. (I feel the same about men carrying too).

  11. People are so used to their homes not being broken into they don’t think about what would happen if there were no officers to arrest criminals. Or prisons to put them in. You could say they live in a bubble.

  12. They always look like little kids whose moms made them wear a T-shirt under their Halloween costume.

  13. Some creep who bought a surrogate mother claimed to have postpartum depression, though she herself did not give birth. It was vile.

  14. Used to work as a librarian, and I actually saw this happen. The baby was probably about two, and he started toddling around the library at baby pace, and his mom was waddling after him shouting, “Somebody catch that baby! Grab him! Pick him up!”

  15. Standard grocery birthday cake is nasty: crumbly and painfully sweet. Cake pops are awesome.

  16. It would be significantly harder for the rapist to do it. Without testicles, he'd need roids to get testosterone to get erection and it would also prevent him from impregnating women.

  17. Wouldn't necessarily need genitalia though, it's possible to rape another person with other objects, although the lack of potential pregnancy is good. I would support incarceration and mental health treatment before I would support forced surgery.

  18. I do not believe rapists can be rehabilitated. Even if they could, it’s not worth the risk.

  19. Guess they must view the fetus as shit then 🤣

  20. Some women call giving birth “shitting out a baby” and get screamed at that they are degrading babies. 😂 Guess it’s a good comparison when it’s convenient for birth-forcers!

  21. I just read whatever I’m in the mood for whose reviews appeal to me, but I’ve been thinking about {{Code Name Verity}} {{The Opposite of Hallelujah}} and {{The Summer of Broken Things}}. Currently on Marlena by Julie Buntin. And I’m really not usually a “YA” reader.

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