1. Downvoting this comment for not being helpful.

  2. Un señor lo intentó y lo mataron cuando perdieron

  3. A mi calle se mudaron unos así este año.

  4. Van a encontrarte y hacertela de p3do. Mejor compra un baffle mas mamador y pon openings de anime todo el día, eso si que den directo para su casa.

  5. Why Kelsey had to put they/them pronouns? Is it important to the general message?

  6. Why do you think i'm joking? It has no sense. We probably never going to see or tallk with Kelsey face to face in our lives, so why i should care about Kelsey's pronouns?

  7. You should rename it something related to independence day. And never increase the CP.

  8. Welcome to the world. Where America isn't the whole world.

  9. My experience is that I still haven't got daily incense.

  10. I'm another one who's (not) enjoying the benefits of not having the daily incense.

  11. Porque estas preguntando y al final te respondes solo argumentando excusas de hace 12-15 años?

  12. why are your cd tickets so expensive.. hmm now im anxious gotta check mine

  13. To be fair, they probably bought a bunch of codes for less than $1 each on eBay which Niantic sees none of.

  14. In fact Niantic gets $0 since the TCG is solely managed by TPCi. And since there are cards that

  15. "Baby" legendaries/UBs with this could be interesting. (Cosmog, Kubfu, Poipole, Type: Null.)

  16. This GoFest will be will be without a doubt remembered for being an absolute disaster as time moves on.

  17. 2020: A Great event thought about staying and playing at home. Super Special Rocket Day with Shadow Mewtwo debut and the one and only Shadow Persian.

  18. You now have a limited chance to claim something you rightfully paid for! Isn't that great?!

  19. Just evolved a Gardevoir for science.. Unfortunately, It doesn't learn Synchronise.

  20. My 8 year old and I played the event together and they are absolutely delighted by the 4 shinies they caught over two days, especially their favorite the sick pig.

  21. Last year a lot of people complained that "there was a lot to do" with the raid day and rocket takeover plus the event spawns. That's why this Go Fest feels so diluted.

  22. I literally scrolled down to comments to make this exact comment. Like I know a lot of the graphics in this game leave a lot to be desired, but it’s like they just said “well, that seems good enough I guess” and tossed the asset in. Yeesh…

  23. Did you guys played USUM? Because that model looks miles better than

  24. Obviously i check TSR 5 minutes after buying a 3 remote pack to be prepared in advance.

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