1. Get a decent O/U for hunting and clays, but then a Stoeger coach gun for the cool factor. You’ll end up paying the same for both of those as you would a solid SxS

  2. Does it still have issues when you don’t rack it like my grandma?

  3. Mossberg 500 barrels are interchangeable

  4. Can you imagine getting more money for your shitty del-ton AR than a Desert Eagle, classic S&W revolver, or an 80’s Wingmaster? It hurts the soul to see stuff like this. Also, I wonder which lucky ATF agent got to take home a free SPAS-12…..

  5. Just curious, did you ever find a replacement screw? Same thing happened to me today.

  6. I recently received my spiral fluted threaded 19 barrel. Drops in great with solid lockup. Finish is really nice. Haven’t been able to shoot it yet

  7. 13 heritage rough riders in different configurations

  8. Usually it will say if it’s corrosive or not on the box somewhere

  9. So BVA blew it and sold a bunch of ‘non-corrosive’ ammo that it turns out in fact was corrosive. Lots of unfortunate people on here found that out the hard way

  10. Oh wow I didn’t know that, thanks for the info. How long ago did this happen?

  11. What set of iron sights are on there? I've been looking for some that sit low like the Walther BUIS.

  12. The RMR cut slides come with Ameriglo sights. I think the options are suppressor height, 2XL, and lower 1/3 cowitness. You can also get ameriglo night sights

  13. Yes, you can use 15 round Glock 19 mags, 17 round Glock 17 mags, and 33 round Glock mags. Any double stack 9mm Glock mag will work except Glock 26 mags.

  14. Be aware of state laws though, they are all different. It’s not worth a felony charge just for having one 15 round mag in your truck, even if it’s unloaded and put away.

  15. You might be able to get more money for the MOS slide because they are in higher demand. But if you find a good deal on a non MOS 19 then that works too.

  16. You could buy MOS, sell the entire slide with barrel and then buy a PSA dagger slide and put that on the Glock frame. They sell all kinds of options and are pretty cheap for optic cut slides

  17. Is that an aim surplus barrel or combat armory barrel?

  18. I’ll take the mag, loader, and backstraps if not already sold

  19. This is great evidence to use for your “boating accident” story

  20. Immediately bring back diced onions at the topping bar

  21. Please avoid both calibers for caribou hunting. Also headshots are not ethical, please don’t do that. I’d go with 30-06, .308, 300 win mag, or something similar

  22. Just bury it. No sense eating a deer with a possible 1 week old festering leg wound that may have caused it’s death

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