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  1. cmv: Adding onion to the water when boiling beans, chicken, or nopales does nothing to improve the flavor of the final product

  2. I like visiting my family in Mexico but I’d prefer to go visit an island in the Caribbean or visit Europe.

  3. Same. Last time my parents brought it up I just told them I wasn't going if we were just going to stay in their hometown the entire time

  4. Try playing a mobile game or something. Anything to occupy your attention, really. If possible get up and walk it off. Walking should help regulate your heart rate

  5. Is it normal to call up women still playing in college?

  6. Most of the usa womans team used to play in college when they where schooling the whole world so yes

  7. Tijuana, Mexicali, Heroica Nogales, Hermosillo, Guaymas, Juarez, Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, CDMX, Guadalajara are we a conservative joke to you?

  8. Y'all take it too personal. Major cities tend to be more liberal and even in those cities it's pretty bad. A cousin of mine had a gay friend who was killed in Guadalajara in what was eventually deemed a hate crime

  9. Tata's replacement needs to be a coach with Mexican blood who will prioritize winning Nations League, Gold Cup and beating USA..

  10. Honestamente me sorprende muchísimo, pero entiendo que no haya aceptado las condiciones que le planteaban. Siempre ha sido una diva.

  11. I haven't been keeping up much with international matches to know South American nations results but it seems logical that losing a close game to let's say Argentina or Uruguay would be more rewarding than beating Belice or El Salvador (No offense to those countries), not all wins and defeats are equal.

  12. That wouldn't make sense either. Is Bolivia better than Mexico since they always get thrashed by Argentina?

  13. Woman’s lies, mens lies but numbers DONT!!

  14. I still do. If you've stopped get checked out by a doc for stuff like heart issues, anxiety, or depression

  15. Yeah the drugs really weaken the integrity of the skull and brain.

  16. He didn't die of a coke addiction. He died with one

  17. **Thread on regulating butter knives because 3 people a year die by butter knife**

  18. Lmao. People always start accusing you of whataboutism when they want to disengage from the conversation

  19. I once biked down 10th street in Downtown San Jose at 8AM on a weekend. No cars at any intersection. But of course, every light HAD to be red.

  20. Oof. I remember hating waiting at a red light. I was always afraid I would end up run over by a careless driver

  21. Pode sim. Não tem problema. sinceramente, um desconhecido

  22. there are Caribbean latinos, like Cuba, Haiti or Republica Dominicana.

  23. Fun fact: Most Haitians speak Haitian Creole and which is not a Romance Language. Only 5% speak French. I think they get a pass because French is still the official language and they were a colony of France

  24. But how many of them played at Real Madrid?

  25. That back injury really fucked him up. I remember wondering why Osorio wouldn't play him during the Confederations Cup and being so confused. Turns out Fabian was playing through injury. He still managed to score the goal of the tournament

  26. It was during the Copa Oro when that happened. Ochoa, Dueñas, and I can’t remember the other ones. I think Sinha as well.

  27. Nah. Copa America. A bunch of players were robbed by Colombian prostitutes and they were dumb enough to report it

  28. You've got some serious issues if you think I'm trying to 'lie' about some random virus I know little about. If I'm misinformed then by all means point me in the right direction.

  29. No one is saying anything about monkeys and African people. That's all you

  30. No monkeys being mentioned. Nice

  31. Have you ever been to the nice areas in Mexico City? Does not feel dangerous at all

  32. Nah I was going off of what he said in some interview a few months ago

  33. Lol wtf. I thought he left Mexico city because he didn't feel safe there

  34. Lo pintan de heroico por salvar hexagonales, con El Salvador, Honduras y similares.

  35. Warms my heart that my story seems like a lie to you.

  36. Amendoim japonês foi inventado no México

  37. I pay $750 a month to rent a room in a three bedroom in a nice part of Oakland, so 800 sounds pretty close to full price. Especially considering that, often times, living with your parents has extra rules that living with strangers would not. When I was living with my mom I was paying $600 a month AND I wasn't allowed to bring girls into the house unless they were officially my girlfriends. I was a 25 year old man living under that condition.

  38. compared to living on your own, it's super cheap. You can rent a room with people who aren't your parents if you want then. Some people actually get benefits from living with family.

  39. Stoichkov bouta break some legs 💪

  40. Damn and just as it looked like he was fighting for a spot at the WC. Dude was dead weight though so good for Rayados

  41. Gacho. Appetite loss, weight loss, nausea, throat tightness and gagging sensations. I'm pretty sure it's chronic anxiety or doc suggested an eating disorder. She prescribed Prozac which I was on last year so I hope that helps me.

  42. I have a cousin going through the same thing. Same exact symptoms + headaches and insomnia. He's gone to the GI and all signs point to anxiety for him as well.  I've also had my own struggles with anxiety and know how bad it can fuck you up. Just make sure your doc doesn't cut corners and gives you a thorough work-up to rule out anything serious for your own peace-of-mind. You'll make it through

  43. I get that, my hang up is going to all these specialists and racking up bills. This is my third rodeo, first time was in 2016 and again in 2020. First time was the worst, this time is the most tame but still sucky. The second time was the most expensive though. Many appointments, Xrays, prilosec, antobiotics, MRIs, more antibiotics, a colonoscopy, idk what else. But all three times have been the same, this time and the second are exactly the same.

  44. Gotcha. Yeah all those tests can be a strain on your time and money but it sounds like your doctor's aware of that and isn't making you go through all that again. Sounds like you're on the right path.

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