Trump lunged at Secret Service agent in rage when told he couldn’t go to Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifies

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  1. That was day shift Fox news. When will y'all figure out there are three Fox news's... Day shift, night shift, and actual news room.

  2. It's only because Fox is turning on Trump to support Desantis as they think he'll be the winning ticket.

  3. That's what I think too. Hannity and Ingraham are apparently attacking her, but I'm guessing this is more about hedging bets in case trump really IS the soul of the GOP.

  4. I haven't been watching Fox at all, are they really attacking Cassidy, or is this just them throwing everything at the screen to see what sticks?

  5. Yet the violence at the peaceful protests mostly come from the pro-lifers.

  6. Dude's just trolling. Downvote and move on. Don't feed the trolls ;-)

  7. We'll see. As usual Fox is throwing everything at the screen to see what sticks. I still suspect that Cassidy is a GOP operative and the GOP green-lighted this testimony to try and finish trump.

  8. I would think for a place like Alabama, being a so-called libertarian wouldn't be that much of a selling point. Most of the fundies, rednecks, and white nationalists here (like what? 60% or so of the voters?) LIKE mainstream "evangelical" Republicans. They WANT a Taliban-style theocracy.

  9. You'll notice that these guys typically rant and rave about the FEDERAL government and how shitty and useless it is. They want the Federal Government as weak and as useless as possible so they can be free to set up their Taliban-style theocracy HERE. They want states rights. States rights to enforce the religion they want, states rights to own slaves, and states rights to marginalize anyone they don't like.

  10. Oh yea, this has been a thing since Barry Goldwater. Thing is, "states' rights" is just a convenient argument right now. Once the states are free to impose their Taliban-style governments, they will come after the free states too.

  11. Something like 200+ house members voted to keep it illegal. Crazy.

  12. No, he's right. We didn't learn just one new thing. We learned a lot of new things.

  13. They actually are… I’m literally watching Neil Cavuto right now doing exactly that. Amazing.

  14. That leads me to believe that the GOP green-lighted this testimony. I think the GOP is trying to get trump out of the way for the next closeted fascist they choose as their candidate (DeSantis praly).

  15. The right wanted someone macho, instead they got a tantrum throwing toddler. We actually had a president that would throw his food at the wall when he didn't get his way

  16. They wanted supreme court justices. How they got them is a matter of history and completely irrelevant to them now.

  17. That is what has me worried. Cassidy has either ended her GOP career or she has solidified her position with team DeSantis. I suspect the GOP machinery green-lighted this testimony to plow the road for DeSantis.

  18. Please stop. Stop this right now. Thank you for your many years of government service. Now please just stop.

  19. Right? I mean it would be as funny as shit if she won, but a) big risk there and b) most voters want someone without all that baggage.

  20. So first of all, fuck Doc Anton, but second - so ligers are not mythical animals?

  21. All I can think of now is a mockumentary of this with Bruce Campbell for some reason playing Trump. I hate to sully his good name with that though.

  22. I think lunging is effectively how he moves anywhere. Like a walrus on the beach.

  23. Incredible testimony. I’m sure he’s seething right now watching this.

  24. I suspect however that her career in the GOP is effectively over. That is, unless Trump is the new fall-guy for the GOP and they are ALL actively trying to throw him under the bus.

  25. People need to remember a "brain dead" fetus can still have a heartbeat, these laws are recipes for tragedy.

  26. I'm wondering what doctors will want to maintain practices in these shithole red states? I wouldn't want to stay here where I could be executed for a medical procedure.

  27. I wonder if they will pass a law making it an offense for driving 40 MPH on the interstate. Florida is a nightmare of old people doing things they shouldn't.

  28. Let loose with an "All hail Satan" and let's see how long "school prayer" lasts...

  29. Then you’re just giving Fox News what they want.. they are desperate to run another story about how “Christianity is under attack” despite it being the source of some of our most restrictive laws

  30. True. But were they ever not going to go with a "we Christians are under attack" story? Fox can show their viewers pictures of transvestites and tell their audience that "Jesus is under attack".

  31. I feel like we are doing society a disservice by hiding their user names

  32. Man, if you were just dropped into that scene, the funk of all those people, their bathing habits, unwashed clothing, and horseshit.... dang.

  33. I wonder what they would do if a Muslim coach was leading a prayer.

  34. In the south, likely the totally Christian thing and throw stuff at him.

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