1. I mean, it looks like you could use a trim, (just what looks like split ends, which is normal at the ends of the hair) but your hair looks healthy and thick. I’d not return.

  2. This was my thought. I think the stylist meant “dead ends” and OP misunderstood.

  3. I think this is probably the reason the other moms gave me the reaction they did. I agree, if it were my kid I would want as many kids there as possible. But I also at the time don’t want to reward him for being mean. I’m realizing now that I should pick my punishments a little better instead of in the moment.

  4. Sorry. He was pitching a fit for not being able to watch my phone. Although I’m reading others responses and I realize I need to be a little bit more relaxed as far as outbursts go. For a 4 year old anyway. I’m just always battling with when to punish and how. Am I being too hard or too soft? It’s such a guessing game.

  5. Did Cory Fleming testify? I can’t remember as there were SO MANY witnesses

  6. I THINK because if any of his victims want to get money back they have to go through the court system. I agree I think it’s overkill especially when he has already all but admitted to stealing money. I’ve learned through the course of this case that there is a method to the madness, whether we can see it or not.

  7. Since he overkilled his wife and son, no overkill can be too much for Allic.

  8. But what about the interview with Paul's GF and all that dirt ?? I thought there were people in that that we haven't heard from?

  9. I think it’s worth it to watch. Just get the free trial. You can knock it out in a day.

  10. Well reported. Although by most accounts, Maggie wasn't a very loving, nice or responsible person either.

  11. Why does the state get a rebuttal ?? I’m confused does the defense go again? Ridiculous

  12. It is so depressing to read over and over how much money Ellick stole. Where were the Goddamn auditors who made my professional life a living hell?

  13. I asked the same thing to a lawyer friend of mine. Law firms are not required to have outside audits because client funds are considered private. There was obviously no internal auditing going on though. Just going off trust.

  14. Well, we see now how well that works. "Just trusting" a lawyer not to rip off his client seems like a glaring issue to me after what I've learned following this trial.

  15. 100%!! I work in finance and I can’t fathom balancing the books based solely on just what someone says. Even if it’s just internal auditing, they should take the time to go back and check deposits at the very least.

  16. the same ---- actually WORSE, can be said of harpootlian, the guy who always wants to quit early, wastes time on ridiculous, redundant tetimony and field trips.

  17. I agree a lot of information has been revealed and the trial is going on pretty long but personally I think it’s a bad look for the defense to constantly complain about how long it’s taking. Two people are dead for Christ’s sake. I would want to know all the details before making a decision as a juror.

  18. “You’re making a big deal about this Mr Waters” YOURE ON TRIAL FOR A DOUBLE MURDER YOU FUCKING MORON

  19. Exactly! He admitted to his lies and is irritated that they aren’t letting it go.

  20. Ted Bundy, when defending himself on trial, took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend. So I’d say anything is possible.

  21. I just wanted to give him a hug. I’m so glad he and his brother finally have people looking out for them.

  22. I’ve been researching both sides of the debate for getting rid of the ethanol mandate. But what I can’t find is what would happen if the mandate was removed. No way everything just flows perfectly.

  23. Alex broke character of the grieving husband/father when he essentially said “how ya doing” to the 2nd officer on the scene during the initial interview with the 1st arriving officer. From highly frantic/upset to “hey!” was very stark.

  24. When my dad attempted suicide several years ago, one of the responding officers was my best friend’s dad. I looked at him and recognized that I knew him and in any other circumstance I would have given him a hug and joked about something but that night I just sat on the floor staring at nothing. My point is if you’re going to play the “in shock” defense, it has to be consistent. People do handle shock differently but one thing that is for sure is that they don’t go in and out of it within minutes. I vote no Oscar for Alex on this one.

  25. This was the way I read it. I fully understand being in shock, or hysterical, whatever. My issue comes in when they can turn it on and off. Like the last officer noticing Alex was behaving upset, heavy breathing, noises, etc, but wheels he saw the officers looking at the grass spots, he was watching intently . When they stopped, he went back to the grieving spouse.

  26. I agree with you on all points. I just hope the jury can see through the act.

  27. Canadian up here, people cutely seeing clover for the first time 🥰🥰

  28. I’m sorry but he looks like Anton Ego, the food critic from ratatouille to me. Especially in this still. I can’t unsee it.

  29. Dennis from it’s always sunny!! I can’t watch the show and not think of him now YUCK

  30. These two cases are so different it’s impossible to compare. I’m honestly baffled at your take on this.

  31. Lol no he’s there Jan 5th to the 7th. I don’t think a photo would have a 2 year span on it

  32. Exaggly, b. Nobody even believed bappa when he said that. Just like the same way he said he was gonna take financially take care of the 2 kids from the car crash. It’s all lies and complete BS from bappa the lieing redact

  33. And not one of his “friends” will call him out on his BS. Just keeps the shit show rolling.

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