1. awesome! I can’t wait to see what you do for Hai Duong and Hai Phong,,, would also love to buy prints if you ever decide on that

  2. I’ve never seen this before and it’s hilarious 😭

  3. I got these off of the KPOP SELL/TRADE/BUY AUSTRALIA group on Facebook! There’s always some really good steals on there if you’re quick enough :P

  4. thank you sm! I hope that everyone in this subreddit will be blessed with this type of luck too

  5. has to be look 1,,, everyone remembers where they were when look 1 dropped. the beginning of his degrandpafication and Ill never forget how I was literally shaking looking at it 😭

  6. Hey friends this is a collecting question. For anyone who collects the albums and sleeves their albums, could you recommend me sleeves that perfectly fit the album please? As in i want it to fit without having to tape the back or anything. Thanks!

  7. it's a denimalz concert. their mics have a high pitched effect that makes them sound like on to be continued (the outro on gluon) on every song

  8. this is quite literally the worst one I think this might be my new nightmare

  9. it’s so crazy to think THAT live was this day last year :-(( I’m so genuinely happy that his mental health has improved so much within a year and he’s getting to live the life he couldn’t in his 20s, in his 30s

  10. I know exactly what you meant. I heard it in my head. 🥲

  11. Twice Formula of Love (file ver.) members all have glasses in pc. Im not sure if you prefer a group set or individual idols.

  12. there’s also a particular album set where some members (jy, mm, sn, cy) are wearing coloured heart glasses. honestly not sure which specific glasses OP wanted so hopefully they enjoy all glasses pcs

  13. I don’t have much to add to this conversation because I think everyone else has covered how I feel in this thread but I just want to say that I’m so grateful there’s a community that validates my feelings.

  14. “For the times when they hit you Face down in the ground with the wet suit Plant seeds but the tree never grow fruit Shouting but they all got you on mute”

  15. actually found day6 thru young k’s fly me to the moon cover (godly cover, absolutely amazing, showstopping, couldnt ask for anything better). young k was my first bias but when I got to know the other members I was immediately drawn to jae because I also have a thing for lead guitarists (all time low jack, xdh gaon etc). he’s just an extremely charismatic person and he actually helped me be more comfortable in talking about my mental health especially since I found day6 and jae in 2020 when my MH was at its lowest point. he’s also my type physical appearance wise so I’m just that more drawn to him. I have so much admiration for jae and I hope he continues to make music for a long time.

  16. If any one's interested, i made an eajpark subreddit. it's still currently on private, but let me know if you wanna join so i can add you and u can maybe check it out (like all the banners and rules and stuff) im fairly new to making and moderating a subreddit so any criticisms is welcome!! thanks!!

  17. For LOONA, Chuu is undoubtedly the most popular for the GP. I'd say she's definitely one of the most biased members in the fandom too but it's a tight race between her, Yves, Olivia Hye and Heejin.

  18. Tbh I’d say the most popular members as of now are Yves, Jinsoul, Kim Lip and Hyeju (aka the Hey Mamas line). CMIIW but Chuu seems to have lost some popularity within the fandom this year :-(

  19. what do you mean by the Hey Mama line? (no offense at all, I have been lurking around for a while and never heard anyone refer to them as such so just super curious where that comes from)

  20. I’m not sure where ‘Hey Mamas’ originated from but its a term used to describe masc-presenting queer women. Not that we’re assuming any of the members’ sexualities but on Tiktok and Twitter YvesSoulLipHye have been coined as the Hey Mamas line by some due to the way they have dressed and acted in the past eras. Most notably Yves during the So What and Why Not eras 😭 If you search up member name followed by hey mamas on twitter you’ll get what I mean 👍🏻

  21. yeah i don't even think about jae anymore because i gave him the benefit of the doubt all throughout his hiatus and constant fuck ups because i know mental health struggles SUUUUCK. but when he lost me, he lost me for good. (and notice how sungjin didn't have these fucks ups throughout his mental health hiatus because he knew to take time out of the public eye to heal vs being terminally online on twitter and twitch?)

  22. yeah… it was all fine until you compared jae’s mental health struggles to sungjin’s. Like can we not? we all know his mental health journey wasn’t ideal to witness but dealing with mental illness isn’t linear. he fucked up majorly and yes mental illness can’t be used to defend what he said to Jamie but he’s literally apologised again and again since then and has grown as a person if you actually bother to see his growth rather than be stuck on his negative moments. some people seclude themselves until they feel better and some ppl self destruct and others act in many others ways. like what is your deal with comparing people and their mental illness stories? it’s fucked up.

  23. I'm from the States and think it would be so cool if Jae could help Sungjin/Brian/Wonpil/Dowoon break into the American music scene (which i guess was part of the intention anyway when they were OT5) by getting them involved in his eaJ project. Also. Can you imagine all members coming together and doing shows as each others' backing band? Like Young K or eaJ or Wonpil doing a solo show at HITC and instead of hiring session musicians its literally the boys. Oh the places they would go...

  24. with the news we were given today I think it’ll take a bit longer for this to happen :-(( but regardless I still have a sliver of hope left and I believe this could happen one day ❤️‍🩹

  25. i feel like people dont take young k’s stage name seriously. not in a terrible way but in the way that they dont respect Why he has a stage name. its not a bad thing that people prefer to call him brian or younghyun, but he said he wanted to separate the idol him and him personally. which i definitely respect obviously or i wouldnt have written this post LOL. i often think about it too. he says that young k is the person he wants to be the “perfect” him. the one who isnt insecure or chooses to not show his insecurities, thats young k. opposed to brian, his authentic self. im not one to say young k is an insecure person or whatnot, im not one to make judgement about his personality and him as a person. but he’s made it clear since debut that he’d prefer to be called by his stage name. even though its been a running joke between mydays to call him brian bc of jae or just preference in general, i feel like it would just made a nice difference if ppl just called him young k yk? also when young k said that ppls imperfections is what makes them perfect, the fact that humans are not perfect is what makes humans perfect.. i wish hed listen to his words with more sincerity because i feel like every time he goes on about his definitions and perspectives on life.. its always so meaningful and impactful in the most beautiful way. dude has a way with words so its no surprise hes such an amazing lyricist!! but yea ppl should respect young k more in general.. i guess thats what this whole shabang wraps up to LOL.

  26. thank you so much for saying this,, like tbh throughout the years I feel like youngk has began to accept people calling him brian only because he doesnt want to make a fuss out of it but I remember seeing him adamant about being called young k. ik for other idols they prefer being called their real name rather than their stage name but i think for young k he wants the clear distinction between his idol self and his ‘civilian’ self and i think thats totally understandable and fans should respect it. I think the only people who should call him brian are the day6 members and jae or just people he knows personally.

  27. I’m gonna need everyone to upvote Fall Again rn pls let the queen win 😭

  28. something like rescue me,, like an album along the lines of that genre

  29. Interested in Hyunjin, Gowon and Olivia Hye possibly. Are they considered pretty easy? If we’re gauging by member popularity, I would assume Olivia would be hardest out of the three?

  30. all three members you mentioned are fairly easy to collect. i think their most popular/hardest cards to obtain would be

  31. tbh I’m not even surprised anymore they’re somehow still super active regardless of being in the military and I love them for it

  32. i agree with everything you said except the negentropy bit. negentropy is probably my favourite release from them and I appreciate the fact that it was more ‘lightweight’ and just toned down. the songs feel so personal and everytime I read the lyrics I can’t help but to cry. though it’s funny to say that because entropy is my favourite full album from them and it’s extremely experimental :P

  33. I do not like Day and Night.. like at all :-(( Ik it’s a well loved one by a lot of people but I can never get past the intro

  34. i just wanted to say I appreciate these analyses you do sm :-) while I don’t agree with all of them because everyone has different fave d6 songs I always find more things to appreciate about the songs bc of what u point out <3 I love music so much but I’m not a very musically inclined person so at times I can’t express what I love about d6 songs into words and pinpoint specific music techniques while u do it so well so thank u for that! i cant wait for future ones from u

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