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  1. I thought it was only proposed and wasn't actually put into fruition

  2. Everything is the result of the human usage of freedom for work in a monetary based system. So it's slavery.

  3. The "freedom for work" is a privilege of citizens in relatively wealthy liberal democracies. For people living in countries with nonexistent or non-enforceable labor laws, people are often forced to work due to debt slavery.

  4. France shares a little land border on green Island, between St Pierre et Miquelon and Terre-neuve

  5. The left one is more for making drugs

  6. Anarkiddies when you tell them that doing drugs doesn't count as praxis, and if anything just contributes to the stereotype of the lazy leftist

  7. I was about to say the movie bombing has nothing to do with beating capitalism.

  8. If anything, doesn't this support the idea of a free market? Companies that make bland, boring movies lose money, while companies that make good movies make money. Not saying that it works often, but in this case the market works.

  9. I think you're overestimating how much less willing people are to do something when they risk getting damaged or killed. Like, yes, there's nothing you could do if the majority of Germans were Nazis and were all armed. But, how willing would you be to go door to door rounding up Jews if you knew they all have guns? Would you still do it? Is there a number of Nazi deaths where the system breaks down because the Nazis say "eff that, I'm not getting shot."

  10. I think you might be underestimating just how eager Nazis are when it comes to rounding up Jews. The Holocaust was met with armed resistance, and it largely did not affect Nazi morale. If you are willing to massacre civilians because your government gave the order, you are also probably willing to risk your life for them.

  11. If it would pass all security checks they would ask more than 32€ for 250€

  12. So your admitting that womxn think like monkeys

  13. Some of the Taiwanese wouldn't mind. The KMT were so brutal when they arrived on the island, that it made the Japanese look good in comparison. My grandmother-in-law only speaks Taiwanese and Japanese, no Mandarin for her.

  14. don't forget about that Taiwanese president who served in the IJA during WW2

  15. When Overlord is released: Psychic ascension fans explaining why it's completely not broken to breach the Shroud in 2220

  16. The end of death is less about immortality and more about, yknow, the end of death. It’s a question of what if this fundamental fact of life was removed from play. Everything is immortal, there is no more death.

  17. Omega-K tales are almost always just grimdark. I get that SCP is originally a site for horror stories, but the premise just doesn't fit the tone. It's a bit too pessimistic.

  18. Did you just read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality or something? I don't think most authors that have immortality have tradeoffs have thought deeply about whether or not they want to be immortal. They aren't bending over backwards to try to show immortality is bad, just engaging with centuries of literature about the quest for immortality and all of the associated tropes. As others have noted, immortality having a price/consequences makes for much more interesting stories.

  19. And all I'm saying is that those prices/consequences are either inconsequential or wacky. Actually I just read the SCP Series End of Death, I tried to read HPMoR a few years ago but couldn't get past the first couple of chapters

  20. My point is that you gotta be willing to walk the walk if you talk the talk

  21. I'm not a conscientious objector, I'm a risk-of-painful-death objector. I'm willing to do just about any job that is completely safe for me and has near zero chance of premature death . Yes, including working for the military industrial complex to make cool weapons.

  22. That’s a fancy way of spelling coward

  23. Concealing criminal activity is not neutral. That's picking a side.

  24. do you understand the difference between "morally neutral" and "politically neutral"?

  25. Canada is occupying St. Pierre and Miquellon, so they can't flee there.

  26. I'm not familiar with lore, I though Canada and Free France were allies?

  27. America, and by extension the rest of the OFN is only friends with Free France out of necessity. They recognized (and continue to recognize) the Vichy government, the French State. Originally this was because they hoped it would re-democratize and join with them, but that hope has gotten farther and farther from being possible. Now they try to get in FF's good graces, both to try and support a democratic* France, and to have an ally in West Afrifa. Now for why Canada controls St. Pierre and Miquellon, after the war, the nations that now form the OFN scrambled to seize whatever they could from the collapsing UK and France, as such Canada controls St. Pierre and Miquellon.

  28. Eh I dont doubt that some women are like this, but this seems like satire

  29. You’d be surprised! People get mad at me for stimming or talking about my special interests, which are things that are actually needed for autistic people to thrive!

  30. Just curious, what's one of your special interests? Respectfully, if people are mad it may be because it wasn't suitable for the context?

  31. Like, criminal psychology? I've seen several JCS videos on youtube and I took one psychology course in high school so I'm practically an expert lol. Yeah, it's a shame that some people are mean.

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