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  1. imagine being a fan of a complete dumpster fire poverty franchise and being upset that we are trying to be better

  2. Conley is 35, looking back at his stats and success from 5 years ago ain’t the same thing as today.

  3. I’m sure it’s not Conley for Dlo swap, we are definitely getting someone else. I think it’s Clarkson. Utah don’t need him, he is an expiring contract and they will probably tank.

  4. KAT and McDaniels for KD? Brooklyn is blowing it up. Conley, ANT, KD, Reid, and Gobert?

  5. Yeah honestly I don’t have “the sky is falling mentality” about this trade. The fact D Lo coulda walked for nothing can’t be understated

  6. If DLo winds up signing for 20 mil or less in the off-season, Wolves should absolutely be kicking themselves. People forget that DLo is only 26, Conley is 35.

  7. Popped off in the play-in game. Won’t forget that.

  8. He’s had at least two 20 point 4th quarters this year (Jazz and Magic) on a team who completely freezes in the moment.

  9. We’re going to look back at Connelly’s tenure as an amazingly wasted opportunity.

  10. I remember being ecstatic when we first got Dlo for Wiggins, as sad of an outcome this is for us given the return and current state of the team, what a fun era it was

  11. Yep, in effect we traded Wiggins and a top 3 protected first for a 35 year old Mike Conley and a second.

  12. We lose every trade because we have this shit attitude. We literally can’t draw FA talent and traded all of our picks. We have to win trades, and instead we continually get raped.

  13. Kennard can be lights out from 3 and Covington can be a solid defensive role player for us. Plus Cov is a vet leader that would be great in the locker room. It would be a great return.

  14. I'm assuming you're one of those people that argues the abolition of slavery was authoritarian overreach?

  15. That is an insane reach and has nothing to do with what we were talking about.

  16. Just get a lemon squeezer, that thing obliterates the lemon, it’s practically dry pulp afterwords.

  17. Feasting on bugs gives them some nice, tasty eggs.

  18. I was wondering, do black soldier fly larvae make any changes to the flavor of the eggs vs other protein sources?

  19. I have had a cafe turn down my eggs because the yolks weren't orange enough. I explained that yolk colour is easiest to manipulate and no indicator of quality or freshness. He still wasn't interested even though he said my eggs tasted so much better. I suspect it was due to the price.

  20. Then just manipulate the color of the yolks by feeding some paprika. Problem solved.

  21. I've been in corporate long enough to realize that those pages, although serious, were really just created to say "How do we tell the person who wants to travel there they're a dumb fuck in 40 different ways, and make them realize they're going to die?"

  22. Well apparently it’s “racist” to ban travel to places, even if the government thinks you’ll surely die if you travel there.

  23. I’m in Minnesota, we have daily flights to Somalia. It’s insane to me, makes me think the flight crews must get hazard pay or something.

  24. And we gave up a 2022 pick (Kessler) that I counted as a player, even though it’s pretty obvious the framework for the deal was in place and the Jazz had us draft him.

  25. Gobert is the fastest depreciating asset in the NBA. I would love AD here. I really doubt gobert has any value around the league at all. He no longer brings anything on offense and his defense is not what it once was

  26. Downvoters are dilusional, we gave up 5 frp and 5 players for Gobert. I think we could get one FRP for him now, but probably not two.

  27. Because with each 'click' they make money. Read up on the millions and billions made by these 'influencers' on TikTok, IG, etc. It's amazing that these folks can send out a 2-minute video and make 80K.

  28. No, please. Zoomer influencers are bad enough, Boomers trying to be influencers would be the saddest thing of all time.

  29. A quick google search says you’d get about a 72% return on investment. So if you replace the windows and it’s $10k, you’d get about $7.2k of that back when you sell.

  30. Yeah, DLo is definitely inconsistent, but he’s won them more games than he’s lost.

  31. Rudy had a couple nice defensive plays in the first quarter, but holy shit zero points 5 rebounds and he’s on a supermax?

  32. My theory is he pouts when he doesn't get the ball early and thinks he's "open" so the rest of the game he just stops trying on offense. He is not a Pet Bev type defender who doesn't care if he shoots the ball, he has to be involved offensively or he's not locked in defensively.

  33. I think they had back to back to back turnovers in the first trying to drop it in to Rudy down low. At some point he’s just going to need to screen and be a roll man, because when he’s sitting under the basket it’s just easy steals for the opposition.

  34. They ducked up by not trading KAT for Jalen Brown last year, and by selling our future for Gobert.

  35. Yeah. Then you have to factor in the expertise that goes with safely driving/log skidding and all of the specific tack. Not to mention the experience needed to just deal with the horses on a day to day basis.

  36. they still scored 37 in the 4th.

  37. We lost two of our best defenders in Jaden and Prince. Are you trying to say DLo gave up 37 points that quarter?

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