1. Her while Lolita personality grosses me out. She is a grown woman.

  2. Her idea of what is and isn’t healthy is so messed up


  4. Literally just discovered this sub omw i thought I was the only one who felt this way. Her whole Lolita shtick horrifies me

  5. ugh she's essentially wearing them like shoes at this point. so much filth on those...

  6. I’m not saying the couple are pedos, but you do realize practically every pedo on Chris Hansen’s show says the same thing — I came here to tell that 13 y.o. In person not to meet up with older men. Just b/c that’s what the man said after seeing there was no 13 y.o. girl doesn’t make him “anti-pedo.”

  7. Yup they all say the same thing. “I wanted to help!” By having a teenager come over to your house? He’s not fooling anyone with a brain

  8. This catch a predator wannabes are weirdos. That being said, guy in the hat is a creep def wanted to a little kid to be the one to show up.

  9. Very very sad and dissapointing to hear another woman dying from domestic violence.

  10. I’ve pretty much decided to never get involved with a man. It’s like living with your predator. Lots of studies show women are happier single and without kids anyway.

  11. Surrogacy isn't any of that, what are you even talking about? Surrogacy allows people to have children that otherwise wouldn't be able to.


  13. Yeah, okay. I still don't agree. There are extreme examples for everything and bad things happen. But there are plenty of great surrogacy stories. Especially from women who can't have kids and LGBTQ+ couples. With consent they're fine.

  14. I've been trying to tell people this my entire life, and everyones answer is just "because you gotta work to live, and if you're not working, you're a degenerate". Our parents bought this lie of an American dream where common people are allowed to live freely and peacefully, but this country doesn't give two shits whether we rot in a gutter or starve to death alongside our families. They just want your usefulness as a tool until you are too weak to fight back. We absolutely live in a time where mass agriculture and most assembly line work could be tended by machines. We are learning how to edit our genetic code more and more everyday, it is only a matter of time before pharmaceutical companies die off due to the finding of better methods.

  15. We have a term for that in Australia called “dole bludger”. Anyone who doesn’t want to work is a dole bludger. This propaganda has been spreading in this country for a long time now. It works very well. People here get very very angry at those getting unemployment benefits. Keep in mind, Australian unemployment benefits are so low that they’re below the poverty line!

  16. the real question is why do people need porn so bad? the addiction really is that bad

  17. men need tokeep other men in check. so many "allies" of feminism have friends who are domestic abusers, who protect their rapist friends, who go to womens day protests but ask their gfs to be a porn star. consistency is important, this isnt about words

  18. there was a guy right here in this sub telling me that he doesn't hate women, but he openly talks about seeing prostitutes :/

  19. Really hope I can get my teeth fixed before it’s too late.My confidence is shit and my mouth hurts occasionally because I can not afford to pay for dental.This tweet makes me wanna cry but I can’t since I am at work and I don’t want to upset the customers when I am back from my break.

  20. The dentist is so expensive. Here in Australia I had to pay $200 just to get my top retainer replaced

  21. I get what you’re saying, but there’s definitely a societal expectation that women need to remain young and fresh forever while men get to age naturally without every buying a single beauty product

  22. Skincare is mostly a scam. You don’t need to beak the bank, get a good cleanser and moisturiser and an exfoliation scrub. Also sunscreen. You don’t need day cream, night cream, eye cream, hand cream, serum, essence etc. it’s a rip off. There’s a reason why men have those 5 in 1 products while women are expected to buy 50 different things.

  23. I'm the only one here who is gonna cut her a little slack.

  24. She’s American, not white and a woman. I’m not shocked at these comments.

  25. That jump and toddler clap was always so uncanny to me, someone so huge making such a dynamic move lol, so fast and mobile, eerie shit. Now she could never.

  26. That exact moment always make me laugh. Whole thing was weird as hell!

  27. Right? I'm bi and had about the same amount of female partners as male partners. Never faced physical abuse from my female partners. That's just my experience, but that's why I went looking for proof to back that lesbian DV claim, but never found it...

  28. Like I’m not saying lesbians cannot abuse each other but it seems like all logic goes out the window with this “stat”. I always see people bring it up. If I remember correctly the real problem was that bisexual women often experienced violence in the past and it was when they were in relationships with men. Of course the whole thing was misconstrued and people use it to justify their bigotry.

  29. Right men get away with hurting women literally every single day. Other men applaud this awful behaviour. No one here ignores what Amber does and how she treats people

  30. Don’t go breaking my heart was a really cute duet ♥️

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