1. I get a strong message of like social anxiety, or fear of being watched/judged, out of this- great work!

  2. Good interpretation, I was trying to put down how I felt at the time.

  3. Bro I struggle with cat hair on my buds even tho I don't let the cats in the room anymore, I've started to power off the fans and exhaust whenever I open my tent

  4. Google "tudum stutz article" and there's a summary of the therapy concept


  6. I don't think any of those nodes will branch, and if it does it'll take weeks

  7. It grows as you brush it out, it never stops coming out

  8. Yeah you can just make sure to top and train, don't veg for too long

  9. LOL with Link in the background. this is so funny after seeing the pic of Rhett and Link with Dave the other day.

  10. I have some other drawings of normal girls lol. Idk why but I have just been in the weirdest mood to draw these things. Which did you like better? The mouse girl or this rabbit babe?

  11. This one. I just went through your posts, that's cool stuff, unique.

  12. Dude, thank you so much! That means a lot to me and you made my day :)

  13. Then you're missing magnesium, stunned plant growth, look it up.

  14. Unlikely I’m using a 2-2-2 mixed in with the soil. Only a tablespoon per 5 gallons but mag is a micronutrient add to the fert

  15. This makes me wonder is earth has its own social memory complex.

  16. the internet acts like one, but we are transitioning into one

  17. Hemp flower consumed in the form of inhalation is not legal in Iowa.

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