1. Trying to decide on a potential move to NYC or Denver. Denver has mountain access but NYC is NYC. Making $45k atm but am fine in a shared living arrangement in a literal hovel.

  2. Malarkey level of wearing adult diapers to try to get against the rail at an MCR concert

  3. That would make the bottom part Dumbledore's funeral, and the analogy falls apart.

  4. Is it possible to get against the rail for the headliners if I show up super super early and wait there all day? Or should I not bother?

  5. Free willers torture blob fish in their free time that's all I'm saying goodnight

  6. My crazy neighbor just changed his lawn signs from "dick = boys" to "Fuck DOJ" this morning. This is wildly accurate.

  7. Who puts up yard signs with expletives tho FR

  8. You gotta be more specific or people are just gonna unload with 15+ title recommendations formatted for the bot lol.

  9. I would pay you for a copy of this, are you on Etsy/Redbubble or anything?

  10. Oh damn had no idea this was an anime adaptation??!

  11. Is the post flair put in my mod or is that an option when posting?

  12. Is it a bad look to ask to work an extra couple days one week to have 2 other days off on the following week when you're brand new at your job? (2 months by the time this weekend takes place)

  13. I feel weird asking for favors this early I guess

  14. Title make anyone else think of Philip K Dick?

  15. Bullet Proof Heart, The Only Hope for me is You, Save Yourself and DESTROYA are excellent but the rest is just too poppy for me.

  16. What's this electronic genre that was popular in the 90s in

  17. It’s not a coincidence that Austin and Atlanta are booming hubs for tech and media jobs. Even for all the bullshit we’ve got in Atlanta re housing development, developers are just shitting out five-over-ones and mid-rise apartment towers all over the city and suburbs.

  18. Well that's depressing, I'm trying to move to NYC :(.

  19. In terms of price point vs quality I think Barbera is my favorite wine. Chianti feels like a shitty Walmart brand version of it.

  20. Need some input on my LWA art piece I'm commissioning. TLDR is Akko is in a creepy Victorian mansion with her typical wholesome grin on her face as various undead characters converge on her with Sucy in the corner rolling her eyes.

  21. Do we know what prompted Pelosi's visit now as opposed to any other time? Why now vs. a month ago I mean. Do the saucer people know?

  22. TIL - Get receipts for everything when you're in a shared rental situation

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