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  1. Latinas talk so much shit it's damn hot af.

  2. Where did you find your place? Are you loving for work?

  3. Hamilton Heights. Not for work, I'm moving because fuck the suburbs, I want to live in a huge city with a bunch of people on top of each other. I'm escaping South Carolina.

  4. Andor is amazing and this is coming from someone who hated all the other new SW stuff.

  5. If it can be a drone why would you use a pilot? What are the different mission parameters you would use one over the other?

  6. "Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table,"

  7. The number of young people today who either didn't know the holocaust happened or the extent of the harm it caused is staggering. The number of young people who think neo-nazism is okay is just as staggering. A public figure as big as Kanye saying things like this is extremely harmful to everybody, especially those that don't think the holocaust was a big deal to begin with. We need to spread awareness of the extreme tragedy that happened before the next generation completely forgets this horrendous time in our world history.

  8. Is this not being taught in school anymore in the US??

  9. I looked at the ask Japan sub and it's got like 3 people browsing, figured I'd have better luck here , seems a lot of people living there here even if not Japanese themselves

  10. Can you share some of the artists you like?

  11. (Spoilers for Madoka Magica, including MM: Rebellion)

  12. Little Witch Academia. Zero fanservice. Despite its name an adult could easily enjoy it too, I'd say it's more geared at adult Harry Potter fans than anything.

  13. Honestly, I'd much rather he went OG 2d animation. Like Castlevania but Lovecraft. That's even cheaper right?

  14. I think I'm their #1 megafan but Lengsel. Their debut is so good but gets overlooked. The

  15. Possibly emperor. Gorgoroth depending on your definition of defunct. Windir is another good choice.

  16. Agreed on Emperor. That said I respect that the band called it quits when they did instead of ruining their legacy since they've largely moved on from their roots musically. It's awesome they still play their stuff live though. Best of both possible worlds.

  17. How do you coordinate them like that? Some kind of software that controls all the units?

  18. I'm like the unfortunate 5% of BM fans where almost none of their stuff clicks with me. Except for a few isolated riffs here and there. Do feel like I'm missing out kinda.

  19. Getting that ninja girl from Mass Effect vibes

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