1. Draymond dancing to whoop that trick down 46 is the greatest playoff moment of all time

  2. Jama and Decky are great development coaches. That’s why I will have faith on the young guys stepping up next year.

  3. Why is it so bad? “It doesn’t feel nice”

  4. For a man who labels himself “no lies with…” Brian does like to lie a lot

  5. The only thing he did well before the lakers was having a higher bball iq than Kelly Oubre, which isn’t a high bar at all

  6. Even the Chinese media reported that in China. It’s true

  7. Honorable always. That’s three and a half classy players who play 110% all the time

  8. Nah he just time traveled 50 years. His last memory of the warriors before this year was cow palace

  9. Old Chinese people have seen how many ways the government can fuck them over (anti-landlord movement, great leap forward, cultural revolution, etc.). No wonder why they are resisting any government backed covid efforts

  10. He's the token white guy in Boston so he's worth a couple first round picks.

  11. Totally NOT another CIA instigated extremist guys, they’re the good guys 🤓🤓

  12. wow, i've never seen anything more doomerish. this is a nihilistic piece of propaganda without any disguise.

  13. He’s not overrated. He has a reputation for disappearing. Booker on the other hand…

  14. Booker already had multiple instances of disappearing in the clutch. Game 6 vs bucks, game 6/7 vs mavs. One more disappointment and he’ll start carrying the choker reputation

  15. I thought the Chase Center was pretty bad, but it really came alive in the finals from what I could tell. Still not at all comparable to the Roaracle.

  16. Wait what? 2016 has its finals canceled because of Harambe

  17. This means that the vaccine is working as designed!

  18. The real grandma killer was the jab all along…

  19. Kawhi is injury prone, PG has played 133/226 games since joining LAC, John Wall won’t play for 17 months when the season starts, Powell was out for half the season this year.

  20. It’s called “my parents have grappled me with fear and despair”

  21. Wiggins can’t even be apart of the trade

  22. Ben Simmons try not to harm a team challenge (impossible)

  23. Even if Lakers get Kyrie, I wouldn’t be worried: Kyrie will play 50 games max, same with AD, and Lebron will score 28ppg while giving up 27 on the defensive end

  24. Ibaka might have been washed but he can still play Bjelica minutes. He’ll be great as a vet minimum signing

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