1. OG gotta be Android 17 since he is very stoic and most importantly because he has a scarf.

  2. Exactly. And explains why Winnipeg is always packed.

  3. I wonder if anyone has dont a study to see if great weather corresponds negatively with ticket sales for different sports while controlling for economic output and/or population.

  4. Yes! Where are those data analytics folks when you need them?

  5. I REALLY like this exchange. Problem was noticed and raised to mods who didnt take offense and asked clarifying questions. Problem was narrowed down and is in process of getting resolved. Everyone is a happy camper.

  6. Bro, my heart sank. ....then i looked closer and was relieved.

  7. Ah man, i scrolled all the way down and found no answer to what the word means. Can someone help a brother here?

  8. Daiquiri is a delicious rum based fruity cocktail that originates from probably Cuba. Try it, it's a gift for the senses I think.

  9. Please tell me some one went to prison for this?

  10. yeah my bad. i was kinda thinking about how you'd use one in some cases and not in others despite having the same function. english also one of the few languages that even has short hand words for two words, like he'll, or I'd, even though it can be a bit ambiguous sometimes.

  11. Do you have acccess to therapy? The diagnosis is harder on some than others. There could be some grieving involved due to the lost life-style (for lack of better word) she imagined for her child and herself.

  12. Hey man, we are getting our injuries out of the way before the season so that the team is healthy during playoff.

  13. "Raptors lose to the Pistons"...what a joke! We are looking for predictions, not facts!

  14. I have to give u props for your great question, at least. Interesting discussion sprout from it.

  15. Doesn’t like noise and doesn’t have any concentration or communication skills

  16. Yaa, thats tough. Man, if only there was a career counselor that can take a students hyper-interest and align it with a career path. My child is obsessed with dinosaurs. Outside of paleontology, im not sure where he can work.

  17. Well, when you do figure out how to monetize dino knowledge outside of paleontology then please let me know.

  18. Fascinating....this predates the Islamic calendar which is in year 1444 based on lunar calendar.

  19. Where can I sign up???? Sorry, im getting ahead of myself.

  20. Soms folks in autism community consider autism as an identity and would be offended by such a question. Personally, I see it as a limitation that I would love it be removed from my child. Would you want legs for an amputee? Yes

  21. I'm not sure if you mean to see if there is a lawsuit to be had but with a lot of states your employment is "at will" meaning they can fire you without notice for any reason.

  22. Im referring to the insurance company misleding you. You were promised one thing but you didnt receive it and hence there is financial burden on you as a result. I am wondering if there is a legal remedy for this?

  23. Ah, I'm rather unsure. That and I've no proof they told me it was covered

  24. I hear you. There are some lawyers that provide free initial counsel to see if you have a case.

  25. My go-to comeback for “this is just how I act” has always been “you want to see how I act when people talk like that to me?” It usually gets the point across.

  26. Where is my notepad?!?! I want to remember this viled not so viled threat.

  27. Just remember whenever you feel your job is the most totally pointless endeavor in the world… somebody has to install those turn signals on those BMWs.

  28. Yes....i was wondering where u going with this. 👏🏿

  29. We all are. Most things you buy off amazon couldn't be made at those prices if the people who made them earned anywhere close to a living wage.

  30. Thanks for holding that mirror for us.

  31. It’s more for marketing than anything. If the fish actually makes it to a plate, it’s priced normally

  32. Ok, so the company that wins auction gets their name plastered onto the newspaper I assume.Cool

  33. The companies that buy it are fish distributors. They then send pieces to their best clients, restaurants, as gifts.

  34. Okay! Thats an interesting kick-back.

  35. Hey, you get invites to parties? That is amazing. I personally find these invites to be fewer and fewer as time progressed. Its frustrating, I know, but ypur child is benefiting so much. First, she is practicing social skills. Second, she can make friends. Third, she can feel a sense of community by seeing these familiar faces at the events.

  36. I might not get invites in the future, we shall see. Lol. Generally, it’s not my friends/coworkers that I see with the judgement written on their faces- it’s their husbands/partners.

  37. I see. Dont worry, you will become unphased after some time. But please, dont isolate yourself and child. You belong!!

  38. Championship or bust, no in betweens. Love it.

  39. He’s not that big, albeit a serviceable nba centre. He moves well too and even has a floater. He isn’t big by nba Centre standards though and why Koloko will have all the opportunity in the world.

  40. I like Birch's hustle. I am excited to see how the Koloko will do with his length and shooting.

  41. when we drafted him I remember hearing some of the coaching/Front office staff basically insinuate that Koloko, if he develops, will give them a defensive presence that they havent had in years. Not since Biyombo have the Raptors had a real 'stay-at-home' rim-protector, and one that can RUN.

  42. There is alot of promise for this roster amongst fans. Im excited for this season too bro.

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