Why are so many of you people "HODLing nomatter what"?

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  1. Do you think it's still "early"? I just started learning and I feel I'm kinda late

  2. Someone said something interesting on a podcast I was listening to yesterday.

  3. If every time I sell the price goes up, and every time I buy the price goes down, then my best course of action is to simply hold.

  4. I am always fascinated by react-select, Nextjs, and Tailwind CSS documentation. They are so easy and so good to understand.

  5. In which situation does society collapse? I have different things I’d do in different scenarios

  6. The more people that try to invade, the more sticks you acquire.

  7. My bf would say incel. But I am a (20f) who’s just bored and likes to share my thoughts

  8. This gets posted every month, he is impressive but the footage has been sped up, which actually does the kids ability a disservice.

  9. Screw you for ruining life. I just want to believe.

  10. Rent out the house and turn it from a liability into an asset. A house you live in is a liability until it's paid for. If you don't have other assets which have enough cash flow to cover a mortgage on your own living accommodations then you need more assets, not liabilities.

  11. A house is an asset whether owned or not. The mortgage is a liability that exists until the mortgage is paid off - then it’s all equity

  12. That is only true on paper, but in principle it is not only an incorrect way to think about it, but potentially dangerous (for instance early foreclosure and left with debt due to market conditions).

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