1. I talked about this to my Christian mother today. She decided that life begins when the "baby" attaches itself to the uterus, meaning that using a Plan B pill is okay to her. I asked her what she chose specifically that when she relies Bible verses literally for everything else. She didn't have a good explanation, she just said that "as a mother I feel like I'm right."

  2. Allowing a book to dictate your life and decisions is just wild to me. They never have any answers when valid points are brought up.

  3. Yeah, I think the bigger issue is just how uneducated my mother is that she doesn't understand what a valid point is. She's a high school drop out. She fears higher education because she had such a bad time in school. So if someone cites a study done by a university she is less trusting of that than if you just said you heard it from a friend. I don't really know what to do about it. Ever since I went to college she hasn't trusted me as much.

  4. Idk how you can get yourself to think like that ya know. That’s so crazy to me

  5. Until we get money out of politics (never) we will never have the true best candidates. It cost so much money to campaign and get elected that they all just end up being the same people with different names at their core.

  6. This is a great point. Anything work related I do not want to do high. After my responsibilities are done it makes everything better.

  7. What did ya breed for puffles?

  8. Edit: I checked profile pictures and it was there!

  9. Me going for Solis and getting nothing but moon and fucking sun dragons. Also going for Emerald dragon. Guess what I’m getting with that combo too! That’s right moon and sun out the ass

  10. Why ya black out your resources like it’s fucking shipping information 😂.

  11. Yeah just don’t use this new and exciting part of the game duh!! Tf that was bout dumb as shit 😂

  12. Oh pog. I've got a lightning trait rainbow.hoping they bring back chromacorn and spectrapod soon

  13. Damn I’m somewhat new. I don’t even know what those are. I’ve been playing since mid February

  14. I’m pretty sure the Luck of the vale event has it locked to day 24/7. I think when it’s over in a couple days it will go back to it’s day and night cycle.

  15. So are you saying since it’s locked to day 24/7 in game, the 7pm to 7am doesn’t apply?

  16. Yes, until the event is over tmrw I believe.

  17. giving out free nudes no joke no joke...

  18. Whatever it is, it's not my penis getting called a baby Johnson that's for sure.

  19. So if I understand I only need 3 the gen 1 ones and then I could breed all the rest?

  20. You need 3 of generation 1 as long as they aren't all next to each other in the graph. So if, for example, you had Lacewing, Duskwing and Chrysalis, you wouldn't be able to get Marbletail and Swallowtail.

  21. Thank you again very much for making it make sense. I’m only level 27 so I don’t have any rift stuff yet.

  22. On sandbox, if you input the old gemstone dragon's (aquamarine) combo, aquamarine appears.

  23. I’ve been trying for lapis in the runic cave for awhile now. You aren’t the only one

  24. Google "dragonvale sandbox" and it will take you to a place where you can enter in the names of whatever 2 dragons you breed to give you a list of all possible eggs results arranged by time.

  25. Thank you this info helped me a lot

  26. How did you get all those chest?

  27. update, it was a dargon which is weird coz it is already my second without trying.

  28. I got 2 on accident in the runic breeding cave and now actually going for it to not use a claim for it I can’t get him 😂

  29. He may mean the triple rainbow. I bought it too

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