1. I've always thought about how a intermix or the style of one using the content of the other. It's hard to combine the two but I've always thought there could be something there

  2. I've got a star wars DND group right now going on and we're looking for players, dm me if you're interested

  3. My friend did this for me and used nekros, probably a top choice among most people tbh

  4. Oh you'll be totally fine, sounds like you got the credentials, everything else is just up to luck

  5. Ok u use bodytalk and cbbe thought BT3 user always take fusion girl. Do u have BT3 and ZAZ?

  6. Make a save. Steal/take his armor. Look with name it has and try make slideset again only for this outfit.

  7. QC is way better in Europe, so they taste better. In the us they're pretty meh at best

  8. Without a filter it's probably going to be pretty difficult, most of animation is just illusion tricks anyways. My best guess is a Gmod map with water that you can port over

  9. Isn't it a logarithmic scale? I swear at like 400 the compression is enough to cause a black hole to form

  10. Theres a plot line in swtor that deals with the possibility of droids having force sensetivity, if that kind of legends is your thing

  11. Please search this subreddit before posting so basic a question, this has been answered every couple days for months.

  12. If it's so basic maybe you could give me an answer instead of whining about me

  13. I remember a bunch of people hating this map cause of the gravity but I thought it was so fun

  14. Highest damage per shot in the game besides shotguns, the only downside is the handling and if that's not an issue for you then it's a good strategy

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