What is the scariest, strangest, most unexplainable thing that has happened to you while home alone?

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  1. I got up in the middle of the night to pee and happened to glance out the window to my backyard to see a glowing yellow figure that looked like it was collecting soil samples from my backyard. I absolutely shat myself and bumped into the sink. The figure stopped what it was doing and looked at me. I bolted back to my room and woke my wife but when we went back it was gone.

  2. While one is definitely more stupid than the other, both of them have some points, and talk rubbish at the same time.

  3. Plus, knowing someone’s weight without knowing their height is not very helpful information.

  4. I hate the name of the sub. Main characters are interesting and moral, that sub is for self-absorbed assholes.

  5. That’s how they see themselves, like the hero of the movie.

  6. Then they would act interesting and moral, but they don't.

  7. They have warped morality and think they’re super interesting.

  8. Elephants and cetaceans are non-human persons and you'd have a hard time convincing me they aren't.

  9. Do people just wild out on subway cars like this? I keep seeing these videos but have never experienced a bunch of lunatics swinging from the ceiling before

  10. Yes, they’re “performers” working for tips. No one ask them to perform though.

  11. Yep, and they don't take kindly to being ignored. Was in a car subjected to one of these performances once, right after leaving JFK on my first trip to NYC. Didn't pay attention, just kept reading my book, as I had seen this phenomenon so many times online and not into being a captive audience forced into payment. The other passengers were doing the same, basically just trying to ride out their commute. When the dancing finished, nobody clapped or acknowledged them. This lead to the dancers getting very angry and they got into a shouting match with a couple of the passengers which almost turned into a physical altercation. It was a wild first subway ride.

  12. Pretty sure I just read an article that said Galaxy Digital was expecting a possible 300 million dollar loss this quarter. Maybe people shouldn’t be interviewing him as an example of success.

  13. It’s almost like crypto is associated with some bad actors.

  14. What do you expect? Any good mom wouldn’t be on TLC.

  15. [Deavan enters] Don’t you dare say anything about my sweet Drascilla!!

  16. What a jerk, it was supposed to LOSE money!!

  17. Now all those biddies Mel macked on are going to want their profits.

  18. Moral of the story: The rich are incredibly dramatic.

  19. Unfortunately I accidentally put my tongue near the drill once and got cut up a bit. Completely my fault. I thought my dentist was going to pass out. He had to take a break to catch his breath. This guy is a first rate jerk. That poor kid! I hope he’s not terrified for life of going to the dentist. I don’t think the mom was planning to sue. She seemed to just want to be heard and hear an apology. This guy got an attitude right off. In fact that might push her to file a formal complaint. And they refused to explain to mom what happened. Sounds like they were well aware of their fault in this.

  20. Where are the dumpster fire couples?! Not one shoe has been thrown yet.

  21. I eat peanut butter bread. Saving the world one breakfast at a time.

  22. What do you do when your kid is brat ….look at my pants , look at my shat !

  23. Then you’ll live in happiness too, like the Umpa Loompa and Chester Cheetah do!

  24. If I knew people like that, I would randomly steal objects from their homes that they wouldn't notice, because I am fundamentally superior.

  25. “Jesus Christ Brad, are you serious? I’m insulted.”

  26. The order is: Was it fatal, Was someone sent to the hospital, Was there an amputation, did somone loose an eye. Answering no to all 4 questions means no report, answering yes to the first means 8 hour reporting window, answering yes to any of the last 3 means a 24 hour reporting window.

  27. So if someone was injured and didn’t lose an eye or a limb and didn’t go to the hospital, OSHA gives no fucks?

  28. Then you stand next to them wearing your “I’m with this doofus with the stupid hat” t-shirt.

  29. Susan Collins looks like that neighbor who yells at kids for walking across her lawn

  30. So the gun survived, but the person holding it didn’t? Is that how I am to interpret this?

  31. “Cause we’re Delta Airlines and your life is a fucking nightmare.”

  32. I reported it as well and got the same response. It’s mind boggling. I think everyone should report it just to piss them off

  33. I reported it as hate speech and got the same. The truth is out: LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft, supports Hitler and all he stands for.

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