1. I wouldn't manually track it anymore if you're not really using it.

  2. Hm yeah maybe.. can I ask you if it’s easy to use with multiple banks? I have my credit cards with a different bank than my chequing and savings, and I don’t have an app for the credit cards (but I guess I could get it). I also sometimes use cash for certain things. I guess that’s why I thought I’d just track it myself.

  3. Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking. It started because I really didn’t know how much I was spending on groceries each month. I knew roughly how much my utilities were and obvious things like that. Setting budget targets per category was also helpful. But yeah I don’t feel like I need it now.

  4. Some of them were too animalic for me. I liked Etruscan Water (fresh herbal scent that is also earthy and substantial), Angel’s Dust (huge cloud of sweet powder, modern take on vintage), and Luxe Calme Volupté (smoky/ashy iris and galbanum).

  5. It seems that a lot - not all, but a lot - of the people who post in that sub have the following going on: An unhelpful partner (this is a biggie), poverty/low income, not enough support (no “village” and can’t afford daycare), or a very high-needs child.

  6. Yep. Said husband often wants more babies, too :/

  7. Doesn’t everyone have to be one income at some point if they are gonna have children?

  8. Well, exactly, it depends where one lives but I only know one SAHM among peers here in Canada. When one parent takes their 12-18 month leave they are getting EI (which is an income) and have a job they need to go back to. Then comes daycare...

  9. I’m not saying stay at home forever…… but if you are Canadian you are living off one income for probably 24 months in your lifetime maybe more if there isn’t afford childcare in your area.

  10. I guess I’m in a particular scenario because childcare is very cheap in my province.

  11. Exactly! And the music in that scene is pretty tense and ominous.

  12. Re: condoms, I used them for a decade in a relationship with no issues and no pregnancies. When used properly their effectiveness is really close to hormonal options (98% vs >99%). When you see lower % it's because "typical use" includes putting it on halfway through or not using one every time.

  13. They're all great, but I vote 1. You really pull off the longer length and slit!

  14. There’s the Escentric Molecules line, which can help you identify iso e super, ambroxan, Javanol, cashmeran, and.. the vetiver one (sorry I can’t remember but it’s 03).

  15. Oh and essential oils for naturals! Stop by a health food store to see if they have testers. You can smell a lot of florals, woods, and citrus this way.

  16. I loved reading these, it’s palpable how much fun you had with it! I agree with most of your takes (of the ones I’ve smelled); I also used to word “shampoo” for Haute Provence, and I agree about the mango one too. Milky Musk is their best I think?

  17. 38F something that smells expensive but spellbinding.

  18. I noticed a couple guys wearing Portrait of A Lady and it somehow works. I always associate it with a female friend of mine who wears it so I was a little shocked when I smelled it on my male friend.

  19. This is really popular with some men I know locally! I think all the Malle are considered/marketed unisex.

  20. I'm not sure if I'd rather, but I'd be very open to it if it were easier. I'm not into the idea of pregnancy and I don't think my genes are great.

  21. Hiding snacks in my bag or in my locker at work! Sometimes junk food but usually something nutritious it tasty like trail mix.

  22. Right?! I was like… this is not who that book was written for.

  23. Are you sure ? I think he said it as an adult. And generally women have already reach their definitive size at this age anyway.

  24. No it was a reference to when she was about 14, during the war. It's not crazy to think she grew another inch or two in her mid-teens. Also, the average age of the first period has been dropping so presumably reaching full height also used to happen later.

  25. I don't know, it's an interesting theory and unfortunately we will probably never know.

  26. With her though there's a lot of documentation- her passports apparently said 169cm.

  27. A lot of sexual attraction is psychological and is based on people we feel comfortable with. She was clearly repulsed by him from the beginning, even when he stripped naked in front of her. Also note the scene where he touches her leg - she's not feeling it at all.

  28. When he touched her leg I saw ambivalence, honestly. And then the next day (or whenever it was) when they're day-drinking I think she is enjoying the attention from him.

  29. I honestly see more of a compactness (e.g. in her limbs)- look at pics 4, 5, and 6 especially.

  30. Some kind of independent labour like cleaning or basic house painting. You could probably charge about $25/hour.

  31. This is IF it comes up, of course. I guess I’m asking how do I NOT accept it, if it comes up?

  32. If you like him, I'd say something that indicates interest but is also a clear no like "not tonight, but I had a really good time" or "I'm really enjoying getting to know you, but it would just be a little too fast for me."

  33. It's mostly genetic. But I also don't eat really sugary food or drink pop, or eat a lot of processed food. I did gain weight when I was travelling in America and eating in restaurants. But in general I don't have to try to keep pounds off. I eat things like homemade bread and natural peanut butter, granola and whole fat yogurt, eggs, pasta, risotto, stew, etc. I don't work out but I walk a lot in my city to get around. I think it's harder if you don't live in a walking/cycling friendly place or if unprocessed food is harder to find in your area.

  34. I also used to be confused by this name. I learned that it's more common in Britain, which makes sense to me- the way we tend to pronounce T's in most North American accents makes this name unappealing to me.

  35. It's like sleep but you don't dream or I never have dreamt. So it's like a really really deep sleep with no REM.

  36. I dreamed about Seinfeld once when I was put under!

  37. Short skirts and dresses almost always look awkward on me, but short shorts look amazing 🤷‍♀️

  38. But at least with that you’re not waiting and waiting for the person to contact you…

  39. Agreed, sounds like OP needed to get out of there anyway but it does make me wonder why a reversible vasectomy was never considered

  40. They aren’t always reversible and he’s only 25… and he doesn’t say that he never wants kids.

  41. actually I am a woman and I can't tell the difference, the condom feels just like without, the difference is that with a condom I don't get UTI ever, so I prefer them

  42. Same, can’t really tell. Inside the vagina doesn’t actually have many nerve endings compared to the clit.

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