1. I’m part of the bird ID subreddit page and I seriously read this as “bird” instead of bud and I thought to myself. Wow this guy is ready to spend some big bucks on a pet bird.

  2. No it's comparing a state to another. Nothing to do with Apples and Oranges. It's comparing apples to apples.

  3. Obviously common sense isn’t a thing in 2022. Recreational market to medicinal market is apples to apples in your head? No wonder we get taken advantage of if the program is full of people like you.

  4. It's still just some weed? Idk man it's not that big a deal to me, just a ticket where I live and I'm not slanging weight neways so

  5. And a mandatory 6 month license suspension regardless if driving or not. So “just a ticket”

  6. I try to eat them like crawfish. Boil them then suck the liquids out.

  7. So you called him names publicly. He called you out privately and now you blast him publicly. Yep that’s social media in a nutshell.

  8. It is a fancy pigeon breed (a domesticated version of. Rock pidgeon/rock dove). If it doesn’t have a leg band then it is probably feral. Either someone released it or it is the offspring of escaped/released individuals. Most urban centers in the world have feral populations of these, with all sorts of “fancy” color and shape variations mixing together. Kind of like a stray dog mutt population.

  9. Sorry but nothing can compare to the amazing Mutt of the dog world.

  10. If you have a steady flow of income then you’ll fit right in. If not you’ll be miserable.

  11. I use about 2 oz a month of shake and turn that into edibles. How much should I be budgeting?

  12. First off make sure to do your research on top shake or trim. Most of it is just garbage in this program . You can find some great products though and you’ll spend under 80 a half without any discounts.

  13. Dude says ohio valley locals and people from canton and Cincinnati say yo we here hahahahhahaha

  14. Anyone using or talking about distillates is 👎🏿 to me.

  15. Daughter is on probation. She says her Po won't let it. bs if you ask me. It's MEDICINE.

  16. Now that’s a success in its own. I’m a Republican but I don’t agree w the conservative way when it comes to a handful of topics. Heck maybe even more than a handful these days.

  17. This is just wrong for people suffering from not having the strength to do this and then to remind them about their illnesses along w frustration. Hope you found some relief

  18. Nah by all means, enjoy the $60 .84! I just can’t afford to medicate the way I choose with the way the program works now. And you two are both correct. I’m very underwhelmed with the quality comparatively to Ohio taste wise, but the effects take me the same place I desire to go. I shouldn’t have to jump through all these extra hoops just to afford the medication I’ve been prescribed. I shouldn’t have to settle. I’m thankful for the program, I just think there are inherent flaws that should be addressed to make it better for everyone involved.

  19. You aren’t medicating buying distillate anyways. God bless your lungs man. I’ve been there and I sooo much rather pay up than to feel the way I felt smoking those “street carts” because that’s all they are. Zero regulations. DC Michigan no matter what those carts personally almost killed me.

  20. But on the other hand. That’s an awesome haul and really sad how we have to do things like that just to get our meds in all honesty man. Shit should be free but here we are having to find different ways to make it work. This program has drained me financially and I don’t even see the benefit in it anymore.

  21. If that’s how they are treating you over MMJ then you need to start your own family with people who actually love you and support you and want to see you happy pain free and not miserable in this short life.

  22. God bless you for thinking medical marijuana and health insurance coincide at all.

  23. Some of these companies need to be banned. I wonder how recreational states limit shit products like this.

  24. Omg, I just opened a LR layer cake pod and I almost want to throw it out because it tastes so bad. I should’ve known better because I’ve never been a fan of the taste of layer cake, but the LR pod amps the flavor up past what I can handle. 🤢 Hubby says it “tastes like bad breath smells”, lol. I feel crazy for not liking it after how much everyone talks this strain up.

  25. Damn those containers look extra extra gas. Wonder how the product inside is.

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