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  1. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they drop the docu on or before Catherine's Christmas carol.

  2. As much as I believe she has narc traits, she can not operate alone. It’s systemic. This needs to be investigated seriously.

  3. If I'm not wrong, I think this woman can be considered as M's flying monkey. M can't be in close perimeters with the actual Royals, hence, she sends someone to do the deed.

  4. Yes, I also noticed her tactics are changing. People have already found out what she's truly like. Now, she may be sending a flying monkey to target the real royals on her behalf. Before, Scobie was her primary mouthpiece but now she might actually be using other people to bait the royals. I think her actions (if she's truly behind all these) are becoming dangerous.

  5. My guess is that this is like a test-run of "Coaching with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex" LMAO

  6. Thank you! Nowadays kaya may bago silang styles? Dito kasi sa Vista Mall malapit sa amin walang magandang styles e

  7. Wrangler is good tooooo! Kaso not sure if napull out na sila sa dept store? I bought one sa SM Southmall kaso wala na sila dun now. So not sure if all SM dept store, wala na Wrangler.

  8. Flipped through her book of quotations and found this. Yeah Meg. Very original.

  9. Yes, Zara was so hyped before, along with Topshop!

  10. name some youtubers way back 2016-2018 na sobrang sikat, na ngayon i dont have any news na 😩 ill start:

  11. I dont know how common this is in other countries, but parents usually apply baby powder to kids' backs and chests to prevent sweat / body odor (I think?? I'm not sure 😭). My sisters and I kept doing it to this day. I've always been known for smelling good because of it even when I don't wear perfume. I usually use Johnsons baby powder, and I remember it's the blue one that got compliments, but it could just be circumstances. It's because I complimented a girl's perfume and she said "What? You're the one who always smells nice" and the other girls agreed and I told them it was baby powder.

  12. Not meaning to be rude, but genuinely curious. Is lunchbox cakes a thing? I saw someone else post something similar.

  13. "Nurse ka? Edi magaling ka pala mag-alaga?"

  14. Ewan ko ba. May konting bait pa akong natitira sa sistema ko pero konting konti na lang masasabi ko na e. HAHAHAHAHA

  15. OMG. Ginawa ko to dun sa hole kung saan mo ipopoke para bumukas sim card slot. Pocha. Bumaon yung dulo ng toothpick, parang ganyan! Buti na lang naalis ko. HAHAHAHA

  16. Send a list of who already paid and how much they paid sa GC and tag everyone there to confirm. That way wala syang excuse para ma-gaslight ka since everyone will confirm that yep they did already pay.

  17. Well, they were so disrespectful. They refused to acknowledge her greatness and superiority. I mean, Meggie would OBVIOUSLY be a much better Queen than—well—anyone. Such ungrateful humanoids deserve to be annihilated. Why is that so difficult for everyone to understand? /s

  18. Her statement actually was closer to “We upset the royal HIERARCHY by just existing.” I think, in that single sentence, Megs gave us her game plan. She wanted to become so popular that—birth order & tradition be damned—she could & would leap to the top.

  19. She thinks so highly of herself that she believes she's capable of actually upsetting the royal HIERARCHY.

  20. She is a painfully basic entitled bitch. There isn’t even any dimension to her entitlement, like J Lo or Mariah Carey. She is just a flat talentless hack surrounding herself with sycophants.

  21. If you’re not satisfied with your drink, you can always have it replaced or remake. :)

  22. Yes! Haha. Pero wag naman sana kung kailan naka lahati na ung drink, saka papa palitan 😂

  23. I bought it and it stings on my sensitive face. Buy it at your own risk. Perp kung magkapareho tayo na kasensitive would not recommend

  24. Pareho kaming nahilo ng friend ko sa Sunnies. Akala ko noong una ako lang. Di ko rin nagamit glasses ko from them.

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