1. Speaking as a professor, please complain. This is absurd - a deadline is a deadline. Any competent chair will reverse this stupid decision.

  2. Disco pants and haircuts. This place has everything.

  3. No she was removed because our political system is a joke. She could have said “I’m not fond of Israeli food” and they would have used that as a reason. Meanwhile dipshits like Marjorie Taylor Green are sitting on committees strictly because of what they identify as politically. No experience, no knowledge, no idea what they’re doing, but let’s give them important seats and take those away from actual smart congresspeople. It’s just a frustrating affair.

  4. Yet Republicans go to White Supremecist conventions, speak at them, pal around with the members, and there are crickets from that side of the aisle. Little Nazi crickets.

  5. watch out, they'll call u an antisemite for stating those facts.

  6. How they have managed to conflate any criticism of Israel with anti-semitism is an impressive feat of PR.

  7. 16 and 22. The imaginary "how" changes, but it never goes away.

  8. Eating ass in the 1700s was a significantly more dangerous game

  9. There were amazingly a lot less STDs in the 1700s.

  10. If you have a power squadron around (Ask around the marina if you don't know) you can get a sticker that denotes that you have passed a full safety check. They'll still check you on occasion, but drastically less.

  11. A big trick to it is leaving it sit for a nice 15 or 20 minutes.

  12. Who would like to protest my protest in Minnesota, of the protest in Pakistan, of the stunt done in Sweden?

  13. He's lying, just saying it to get votes. He has no interest in lowering prescription prices.

  14. I'm sure his "bill" has massive giveaways to the oil/drug/banking/military/transportation/etc. industries.

  15. Hey I didn’t take ANY party lines, and was simply stating a fact about a political majority. Let’s say we take the high road here and just enjoy some actual progress while we can, eh? The tides have turned before and likely will cycle through again sometime in your lifetime.

  16. Marijuana legalization in the state already has just shy of 70% support.

  17. To be fair, Airline customer service agents know how to piss people off.

  18. I never understood why a place pushing Italian food decided to recreate alpine apres ski huts .

  19. Yes, it really was that corny, and calm back in the 70's.

  20. We're dressed up, are we hitting Pizza Hut or Mr. Steak?

  21. And they'd give it all back just to have him back.

  22. I'm pretty certain that we'll keep on hearing new twists in this case. All reflecting very poorly on the Memphis PD.

  23. Young people are more likely to vote in presidential election years. The Democrats could very well survive this if they play their cards right.

  24. The Democrats are more likely to be vaccinated and welcome the unvaccinated politicians in a precariously 5 person-balanced House.

  25. I voted Chiefs. Not because I think they'll win, but because I hate the Eagles fan base.

  26. And how do you suggest we make all those roster upgrades while we have a QB who has the 6th highest cap hit in the league?

  27. Your apartment is making you sick and giving you cognitive issues, and a chimney behind your wall is showing signs of leaking.

  28. I lost my first pair, then lost one of the buds ( thanks TSA). I’m now on my third pair and still loving them. Their battery life is insane. I flew from Minneapolis to Belize with them and still had juice. And my ears weren’t sore! Man, I sound like a cheap infomercial. The case does bug me. It’s hard to open. It’s nice in life to stumble across something cheap that actually works though. Also, Apple AirPods just never fit my ear right. These do.

  29. I just noticed that the price is creeping up. Now $35. Still worth it.

  30. We all know that it’s in the back of Homer’s shirt.

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