4. Thanks for answering. So they won’t charge any activation fee? Ok and what’s the unlock policy? How much would I pay per month on the cheapest plan?

  5. Because I want to make sure I'm not missing any significant discounts on phones instead of just paying full price. All the big carriers are obviously not the solution here and don't offer us a discount when you take the price per line into account.

  6. Lol! I understand what you are looking for. Weird that people are commenting even if they don’t have the answer. So I am in the same boat. I got iPhone SE for free from cricket wireless. I am waiting for iPhone 14 to launch with 120 Hz as the 13 pro is too heavy. Best you can get is Verizon - they are giving iPhone 12 mini for free. Don’t know about any good deals for 13 pro








  14. Thanks for the post. I am not fatfired, very very far from it. But this shows me that I should not wait for it to enjoy life and do things I like. I assume I have everything then see what I would like to do and try to do it anyway 🙂. I am fatfired in life but not yet in account balance. Hopefully that will happen soon but no need to wait for it to enjoy simple things.

  15. Thanks man for the effort!! Will surely use this

  16. If I put a limit order for $45, will it execute?

  17. Some of the more beautiful temples I've ever seen were in Malaysia. Chinatown was really fun to walk through, and the #1 most memorable place/thing I did was visit Bata(not sure how you spell it) caves.

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