1. Also liquor costs the exact same no matter where you buy it in the state. OLCC controls all the prices. Current price list

  2. This is really cool; never knew it existed. Questions: does this list reflect special/discount/sale prices? Like, in any given month, could I just look this list up and see what's being sold at a featured discount, rather than having to check in-store? Sort of like looking at a sales ad for a grocery store, etc?

  3. Sales aren’t allowed outside this list. All prices will be from the OLCC list

  4. Gotcha. I know that all sale prices are still governed by the state, I just wasn’t sure if this list was actually reflective of those cheaper-than-normal situations (i.e. when the stores highlight a certain bottle of whiskey, etc.), or if these are still the “standard prices”… but it sounds like it’s the former, if I understand correctly.

  5. Haha, yup. It's a longstanding SW tradition, going back to classic SW'97. They had a thing with rabbits getting it on, and they've carried the tradition into modern times. If you haven't played SW2 yet, you'll be in for a treat there as well.

  6. Yes, you are right, it's about getting used to it, but that's the main problem I never encountered an enemy that I can't just slash down, maybe it comes later in the story, and I'm not as far to the end as I think.

  7. It is entirely possible that you are earlier on in the game than you think, but it’s also possible that you are slashing more than necessary. Every enemy can be taken down, regardless of what weapon/power you use vs their elemental status, but sometimes it’s a matter of doing 75% less slashing, in extreme cases. Hard to say because I can’t see how you play now.

  8. Maybe I'm dumb and didn't see it, but I wished that there is a way to compare different upgrades or copy and paste already used upgrades from one weapon to a new one.

  9. No problem! And I agree. Comparing upgrades and moving upgrades to other weapons instantly(!!!!) would be ideal. Sadly, no such thing. You can only see when an upgrade will be better/worse for certain stats on the gun as it currently stands, but yeah, not a complete feature by any means.

  10. Whether or not the pagoda would be considered politically incorrect these days, there’s absolutely no denying that it looks approximately 843,962 times more awesome than whatever tf you’d call the Key Bank building’s style. 🤮

  11. Yep! We had this #*%#% problem and we switched to the individually wrapped ones specifically because of it. This was years ago (pre-pandemic, even).

  12. I will always cherish LBB as being one of the first places that my wife and I would frequent when we first moved here and were focused on saving money. They don't get nearly enough attention for being as good as they are, given the price point and convenience factor.

  13. They closed for a while but opened back up. You’re right though, their website says they’re on a family vacation until July 19th but they’ll open back up then.

  14. My wife and I have a running joke that we’ll forever be wondering what Two Brothers is like, because they are closed any time we’ve ever tried to go there, or any time we’ve ever driven by on the way to somewhere else. We’ve even tried calling ahead of time to check, and they don’t answer the phone. Part of us knows that it’s our bad luck contributing to the gag, but really, I’ve never experienced anything like it as consistently as I have with this place.

  15. Apologies for a long comment here, but I found your post intriguing enough to reflect on my own experience. You've sort of made me look back and analyze why I did enjoy it when I recently completed the classic series last year. I don't think it was for any of the reasons in question, but I do think your evaluation of it is totally valid from today's point of view. :)

  16. Interesting insight, but your last few paragraphs got me thinking. For one, I grew up with the Xbox 360 when it was late in its life cycle, I was like 8 when I played MW2 shortly after its release. I know, I was not very responsible, but surprisingly I don't remember getting shocked by it, not even the terminal mission.

  17. Great observations! Your brother is a hero for introducing you to those older games :)

  18. Can’t speak for SW3 (don’t have it yet), but $33 and change for the whole trilogy is amazing, considering how great SW 1&2 are alone.

  19. Lol, tell them to buy almost literally any Crescent Bronze brand powder mixing pigment. I think maybe two of their hundreds of gold powders have glitter in them (I’m being sarcastic, all you Hardcore Redditors, no, this is not fact). But seriously, there are fewer CB gold pigments with glitter than without. And that powder should be mixable into any/most carriers. Only problem is they’re in China, and I think CB is an American company. 🤷‍♂️


  21. Thank you for asking, but I think this would be a question better answered by

  22. One question a little bit offtopic. How does the toxic/burn damage work? Is a % of the weapon damage or a stable damage once you trigger the effect? There are some elements that work better with one type of weapons than others?

  23. From my understanding, it is actually a complex system, because it depends entirely on what gems you use for whatever weapon you apply them to. Some gems cause an elemental “lock state” on your enemy, paralyzing them and/or causing damage as it goes. Some convert your weapon damage into elemental damage per hit. And all of this either works with, or along side, critical damage/bonuses, depending on how you combine your gems.

  24. Nothing wrong with enjoying Fortnite mate. Or any other game for that matter. Gaming culture will always hate on certain things and circle jerk over others. It's just the way it is. The important thing is to put that aside and make your own mind up about what you like and dislike and what you play and don't play. Personally, I never played Fortnite because I've had very little interest in competitive multiplayer since the golden era of Call of Duty (2007-2011) when I was spending obscene amounts of hours online. I used to enjoy 2010's NFS:Hot Pursuit online too. Nowadays, I just can't be bothered, even if you are lucky enough to not be dealing/playing with unpleasant people. I'm almost exclusively a single player guy now, with the occasional co-op (preferably split screen where possible).

  25. Right on man! All the games you've mentioned are either on my list of things to play, or buried deep in the collection of games that I have but haven't played yet. I'm guilty of absolutely rinsing a game before I move on to another, and unfortunately that means I move really slowly from one to the next (and also just have less time these days with other things in life taking priority).

  26. I like the vibe at cartopia plus it has chicken & guns

  27. There's a cart there that makes the best churros in PDX. Can't remember the name, but they're in the back corner.

  28. Southpark Seafood downtown has an excellent crab roll with lobster aioli. All around excellent seafood menu. Bit of a touristy spot.

  29. I had to search harder than I expected to figure out what lobster aioli was... now I know, it's made with lobster oil. I'm sure their roll is good, but the lobster aioli part feels like they're trying to reel people in with it, considering it is a crab roll after all, haha.

  30. Since you aren’t getting any affirmative answers here… Looking at a recipe now… I’m going out on limb here, but maybe, just maybe you could go to The Lift Off Lounge when it is not busy and show them what it is, and see if they will make an off-the-cuff version for you. I say this because they make an amazing Grasshopper (think mint chocolate girl scout cookie shake) and might have most of the ingredients - But, my only doubt is the coconut part. That may be the reason Hale Pale will be the better place to go, as others have said. But be warned: I’ve never not seen that place packed to the gills (at least pre-2020, maybe different now?). Those bartenders work hard from what I can tell.

  31. I think Shadow Warrior 2's physical release was only a limited run exclusive to SpecialReserveGames, just like Shadow Warrior 3. As far as I'm aware the only place you're likely to find a physical copy of Shadow Warrior 2 is eBay, and they're usually wicked expensive.

  32. I think you are right about this, as I happened to look at the official website, and saw that they have a sold out listing for special reserve copies of SW2. Crazy how the pricing was $50 for PC and $35 for PS4, yet the aftermarket resale pricing on Ebay is well above the $200 mark.

  33. Being that you’re in Portland you should consider Les Schwab too. They’re not bargain bin but their service has been impeccable, including stuff like brakes and shocks. If you’re a road tripper, anytime you’re west of the Rockies you’re probably closer to one of them than Costco.

  34. Thanks for the rec. You're right about them not being the cheapest, which is why I ultimately went with Costco (everything else about the tire specs/quality was on par). Unfortunately, I had no idea at the time that this shipping process was going to be so weird and disjointed from their usual service flow. Had I known, I would have gone in and had the tire center do the ordering for me. I'll be more discerning next time, and if I do choose Costco again over Les Schwab for tires, it's going to be an in-person ordering process for me.

  35. Not Costco related but, I order a gift for my sister that was shipped by FedEx. It sat in Troutdale for 2 weeks.

  36. That Troutdale stop is a killer. It’s maddening when the package just sits there for ages. It’s close enough that I fantasize going over there and asking what the heck is going on, lol.

  37. By no means am I belittling the bad things that have happened surrounding the various police forces in our country with this comment, but my first thought was that this may not be very different than the way that many people work admin/white collar (hell, even blue collar) jobs at certain corporations that do lots of despicable things in the world every day. I think, in that sense, it all comes down to where one’s priorities fall, and what kinds of issues do/don’t weigh too heavily on said person. Today, the need to survive on a fair wage is more desperate than ever. We potentially face hard decisions when we choose our employers, and I think the ethical debate becomes quieter and easier to ignore the more in-need of a job someone may be.

  38. Buying it. oh and fuck yeah that you're playing SW2 , esp if its a first play through.

  39. 🤘You got it dude! Happy to help! Yeah, I meant to say precursor to SW 2013 in the post, oops, haha. Gotta love those earlier ones though. Build engine rules. Have you played Ion Fury yet???

  40. More info: This is for the Redux version. Sale ends June 20 @ 10am PST.

  41. What I’m about to suggest may be way outside the box for you guys, but how big of a bed is your exposure setup using? I realize 2k is a lot of power, so maybe you’re using a really big vac bed?

  42. Spelling error, or early leaked idea for an upcoming BFB that doubles as a rifle???? Mmm…

  43. Welcome to the game! There are several ways to get skins, so it’s hard to answer your question without knowing the exact skin(s) you’re referencing.

  44. Thanks for taking the time to make this breakdown! I saw multiple people wearing Interceptor skins and I like those the most. They look the mosty realistic together with T-200 skins. I like that more than Banana split or Cactus skins. XD

  45. You may appreciate these old videos from Endo that tell his unofficial version of the lore:

  46. I remember that there was some lore suggesting Helix to be a (former?) prison, with the Rhino skin from the previous battlepass being a former prisoner as per some wanted poster? Idk where I read this tho.

  47. Correct. There is a poster or monitor screen or something that shows his mugshot/prisoner profile. It’s in one of the maps, possibly in Helix itself. I can’t remember.

  48. Are you still finding this to be a problem for you? When I first played S2, it was super jittery and frames were all over the place, but it was because of GPU caching. This is normal when playing most games that recently received an update, or when your GPU gets an update. It happens because your computer is receiving brand new gfx information and can’t keep up with the changes all at once. So it needs more time to process and cache all incoming data. The older your specs the worse it will be, but it should resolve itself back to normal as you continue to play several matches - especially as you play a variety of maps. Newer systems with better specs will handle this better, and like the other commenter said, it may be time to upgrade once you are ready/able.

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