AITA For not apologizing to my husband after I accidentally sent him texts that weren't meant for him

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. tbh i would choose Dove over Chloe any day. I wonder why she changed her entire name tho?

  2. 23 with a husband 10 years older?

  3. remember this when you notice the other red flags

  4. I sure hope he took screenshots

  5. None of the things you mention here are normal or polite, why does everyone in your life hate you?

  6. YTA - You you you you you. That's all you talk about in your post. I'm an Internet stranger and it's clear as crystal that you prioritise yourself above all else.

  7. Lol I thought about this while reading cause all I understood was “Me me me me me”

  8. NTA take screenshots and send them to SIL

  9. I will update. I’m planning on confronting him tomorrow and will likely have an update in the next few days

  10. your sister is a pervert

  11. I didn’t want my husband and his brother to start fighting that’s why I never sent him screenshots of the texts.

  12. well you definitely should. it’s not your job to protect their relationship, especially when one is doing the most to ruin it.

  13. You know damn well your daughter isn't your priority here. YTA.

  14. If so if Social Security ever ask you if he ever introduced you as his wife even once. The answer is (yes) he did.

  15. I forgot to add in the post that he said if I leave him he’ll kill himself. I’m completely trapped. He knows where I live, he knows where my family lives, I’m really scared.

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