1. just put ngff to x16 adapter and a 1030 and you got the smallest pc right there

  2. Honestly, if you’re a rapist/sex offender I’m fine with you getting the death penalty. I don’t give a shit.

  3. This is up there with supporting the death penalty lmao

  4. If you lived in Texas your whole life you would how unbearable a reality it is

  5. Lmao there's like actually some small ass 120mm rads out there, plus if you undervolt overclock that rule kinda make no gd sense. Personally I'd focus on low noise bc when those things going they be making noise like an airport.

  6. Rip pregnant t men and cis men. Society always has a reason to hate everyone but cis women are unquestionably hated a lot less

  7. (Assuming you meant “Dreamgender”) it’s a term for a dream Stan that wants to be apart of the LGBTQ+ community so they made up a gender based on Dream

  8. Sounds like a funny form of nb. As long as they aren't obnoxious about it I think it's cool. (But knowing Dream stans...)

  9. My brother fried his ass on the portal by fucking around with him too much, doesn’t work any more unfortunately.

  10. Did you make pumpkin peye with the remains?

  11. These are funny and all, but I preferred the world building Story Scrolls from earlier games.

  12. You'll have to define "extra". Some grease is at least a moisturizer. Especially when you haven't showered in a month.

  13. Showering usually gets rid of the necesarry skin oils anyway.

  14. Same nigga who was hitting on Eminem's daughter. Celebs acting like they can't get any gtfo jfl

  15. It's the exact same for me, although for different reasons. I'm 19 pansexual man, but I undoubtedly have more interest in men especially intact men. I was routinely mutilated at birth (also known as circumcision by the doctors who don't even know how many nerve endings and squared meters of tissue they are removing) so my first few times masturbating were quite unspectacular. I found out more about the human male anatomy and genital autonomy thanks to the online communities such as this one. I don't draw nearly as much as I used to but whenever I do I try to refine what I've been having trouble with the last time. Just another thing that has helped me understand the male form how it was meant to be. Some things I have difficulty drawing are the veins and nerves on the more snug foreskins. I even remember my first time was with an intact man. He's so much taller than me and he's a bit below average in length but he just rode me so good. I literally can't go back.

  16. Some kids in Kenya are circumcised in public it is not just infants.

  17. It's unforgiveable. My father says I'm a shameful for being with men and I don't think anything of it because I never took pride in my Kisii heritage.

  18. I’m with men. I don’t think it’s shameful. It’s awesome. I’m sorry your culture is so ignorant/hateful.

  19. I'm sorry to be both American and Kenyan. Thankful I'm not like either anti-rights cultures.

  20. Leash me up so I can grovel before that mighty intact cock

  21. Both of them are on their way out. Neglecting them like they do me is practically the same as them biting the dust.

  22. Heroes and Heralds is soo busted. I gotta complete it for real

  23. Words can't describe thw emotions swimming through my conscious. Simply amazing.

  24. Always weird when cut guys say what’s done is done why care about something I can’t change? Like you should care! Don’t you get it that a horrible transgression of your rights as a human being occurred and is still happening by the millions each year?!

  25. And if I bring either your point or the infant mortality of circumsion they lose their minds. "NoT iF tHeY dO iT rIgHt!" Like it's not even a standardized procedure, or even a procedure at all! It's doesn't service humanity in the slightest, and it's unquestionable there are no proven benefits to routine genital multilation!

  26. I bet they all lived their lives as respectable gentlemen.

  27. I wanted to do a mATX build with sub 7L case and smaller board than ECS 960M-MV (180x210mm). That's not SFF apparently lololol. Why even bother.

  28. Ikr? There's some good ass small mATX cases and even small mATX boards. I just get downvoted for recommending and trying to start a discussion about it. Doesn't matter how petite your build is if it isn't mITX. Let's see how many downvotes this gets.

  29. Lmao most of the builds on this sub are made for optimal performance in an SFF case or test bench. I'm just trying to cram a bunch of small parts together because it's funny.

  30. I'm trying to help you by giving you direction. You asked for mATX and no one here uses it.

  31. Not more drastic, just affecting different senses, and being concealed.

  32. And eventually blindness from the constant exposure, much like how the glans is nearly numb from being in contact with coarse pants fabric daily.

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