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  1. I picked up some Adams polishes water spot remover off Amazon, it worked pretty good. My whole truck was covered and my windows were way bad.

  2. CNN is fake news. These are all fake.

  3. 2 days in a row and I wanted to scream!!

  4. I'm going to have to go look deeper

  5. Swimming in an ocean of emotion. I thought day 155 could be magical then this...

  6. ... I'm just going to say I hope you never get into a gunfight in the dark....it makes a nice glow in the dark TARGET. Just saying.

  7. Made for fun, not for protection

  8. Alls I’m saying is the bump in the night might just see ya coming cool Frame though hope the build goes great

  9. Just for fun. I got real guns for all that

  10. I certified 3-1-2022 and am still waiting, so I am around 161 days and counting.

  11. I copied that link from amazon

  12. 3DF Printing Filament – Black Carbon Fiber 3D Filament for FDM 3D Printers | Carbon Fiber Filament 1.75mm | Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02mm | 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool | Pack of 1

  13. As a person with more than one 3d printer I need more information on what I am looking at and where to print it.

  14. I second this with also more then one printer

  15. On which one? The top one I had way to much to name. Aero lower, strike industries rail bcm upper and barrel, lantec drop in trigger YHM suppressor, swampfox lvpo and other random furniture

  16. It's a battle arms lower. A local shop (modern warrior) had them done for their shop.

  17. Ya 147 eld match. I'm right there close to that as well. I don't have photos on this device.

  18. So it's flatter shooting? Makes since if it's faster and has higher bc. Is that what you ment by more accurate? Or is it actually a tighter group? Of course I could work up som loads of creed.

  19. Ya my bad! That's what I meant. By more accurate at a longer distance. same bullet but goes a lot further before it drops.

  20. Congrats man! I'm on day 135. Hoping to get a call sooner then later

  21. I sell elk and deer dog chews

  22. 50 for an assortment. 10 for shipping. 60 to your door

  23. Oil that bitch up and send it. If you don't oil, you may have feed issues. (Bolt not feeding ammo in all the way)

  24. I buy sheds but I'm in southern Utah

  25. I sure hope not, I really hope I have it before my rifle elk/deer hunts!!

  26. Mine turbo was only 13 months. And my new one I'm still waiting. Day 118 so far

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