1. Subway was crowded. They were having a loud conversation right next to me. They could have been more “low key” about it.

  2. I’m not sure it’s my favorite but certainly an over-done and comprehensive conspiracy theory is that of Don murdering Hae, with these elements in place:

  3. The Don one pisses me off. Not because it's a bad theory as much as the easily refutable lies and misinformation that Team Adnan has been spreading about him. First, his age. I've heard Rabia inflate Don's age at the time Hae was murdered to anything from 21-23. This is the most easily verifiable fact. It is a matter of public record that Donald Robert Clinedinst was born on October 2, 1978. I think this bullshit campaign to make him older even made it into the HBO documentary. If so, great fact-checking! Second, it's suspicious that Don's mom vouched for him being at Lenscrafters the evening of Jan 13, 1999? Well, Don wasn't on trial for Hae's murder. If he was, it's possible other witnesses besides his mom and his time card would have been used to establish an alibi. Adnan, on the other hand, WAS on trial for murder and the only person who vouched for him being at the masjid during the evening of Jan 13, 1999 was his dad. Also, Adnan had his own time card in the form of his cell phone that contradicted his dad by showing that he was NOT at the masjid as of 8:05 PM. January 13, 1999 was during Ramadan. More importantly, it was one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Even more importantly, it was an "odd night" during one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan which has particular significance for Muslims as being one of the possible nights that the Quran was first revealed. On these nights just about every Muslim who can goes to pray at the mosque. The Islamic Society of Baltimore had hundreds of members, most of whom were likely attending prayer services the evening of Jan 13, 1999. Of the hundreds of people attending services that night, the only one who would vouch for Adnan being at the masjid was his dad. Flip that around. Imagine that hundreds of people were working at Lenscrafters with Don that night and the only one who vouched for him being there was his mom. Rabia and Susan would lose their minds.

  4. Your point number 3 is the one that stands out to me the most. Jay mentions on tape with the police, "he put me on the phone with this girl, I don't know her name, she's from Silver springs, I talked to her for like a few minutes."

  5. I really didn’t do anything wrong to JWI, just have pointed out their tendency to shut down any discussion and demand that I look at the timelines on their terms. I’ve regularly pointed out how demeaning and uncomfortable that is.

  6. I expect we will never have two stories, from Jay and Adnan, that match on that day. So perhaps we will never know the exact details.

  7. No one will ever know the real story. Except Adnan. And the killer, for what it’s worth.

  8. Hey JWI, there’s no pile on. I was angry 5 days ago, but it’s subsided.

  9. He didn’t call her because he killed her after school and buried her in a shallow grave after the police started looking for her.

  10. I doubt you'd be allowed to ask any of these questions except for the last three.

  11. With # 4, you'd have to lay a pretty complex foundation, I admit, but... his lending his car and phone to jay is a somewhat regular occurrence while he was not incarcerated in 1999. Jay admits to being a weed dealer, Jay admits to driving around with Adnan looking for weed. Jay tells his ex-gf (Nikki H) that he expected Adnan to have a bunch of drugs at the trunk pop.

  12. He/She deleted everything they posted, when they got called out for their sanctimonious badgering of other people.

  13. About Adnan's upbringing, as per the original post... I think we can piece together some things from all the source materials and everything that has been said on Serial/UD/HBO, etc.

  14. What did he do? I’ve never understood what he’s done other than prosecute a case he was assigned.

  15. Also I think we’re talking about 2 different prosecutors... Kevin Urick is one of the original prosecutors, who may or may not have done some shady stuff or played fast and loose with the rules.

  16. Yeah, they have a whole list of grievances against Thiru, and I’ll see one or another when they bubble up. The sequester. The twins. Some statements during argument. I’ve just never seen them enumerated or understood them on the whole.

  17. What I want to know is why were Thiru’s parents in court with him? They looked so bored as he explained Strickland over and over and over again. 😂

  18. I don't really understand what you see wrong with what I said. I don't feel like he got a fair trial. In big part due to the fact that his lawyer was declining in health and died shortly after. So even if you believe he is guilty how can you sit there and tell me he got a fair trial and that's that? Put yourself in his shoes or the shoes of one of his friends of this happening. Would you be okay with yourself or them being treated like this in a trial? Even if they really were guilty? That's my problem with this whole thing. Innocent until proven guilty. And I don't feel like he got that treatment.

  19. I can’t put myself in Adnan’s shoes since I wouldn’t murder my ex gf.

  20. I’ve listened to undisclosed... every episode of the first season, twice. Once in 2015 and once in 2019 after the HBO documentary came out.

  21. I think Adnan is guilty, but I also think Adnan is not-innocent, so falsifiability would have to happen on both levels for me.

  22. Okay, so I've been thinking about this. Let me try another hypothetical exercise to respond to your excellent post.

  23. This is a little silly. You're saying that if we assume Adnan is innocent, then nothing is evidence of his guilt. That's essentially a tautology. You say it yourself:

  24. Talking about Mr. S reminds me of what a total piece of shit Jay was at that time in his life, and also Jen.

  25. What is this post in reference to? Is there an expectation that someone is going to find out who is the anonymous tipster who collected the reward money?

  26. Leakin Park is a pretty substantial part of the podcast; it, along with Adnan’s possible presence there is mentioned in every episode.

  27. i still have a few $2 bills somewhere but how about those rare silver pennies??

  28. Steel 1943 Pennies. yes those are rare. But the real money is in the 1944 steel pennies; the explanation goes that some of the steel blanks remained in the machines when it was time to mint the 1944 pennies which were supposed to be on copper. (I personally have never seen one)

  29. ill have to see if my granddad has any '44s. will post if so

  30. How is the evidence credible for guilt when you think it's wrong?

  31. I'm not sure what you mean. Can you explain a little more what you're asking?

  32. Does Team Adnan have any understanding that they shouldn’t be going on twitter and blasting other people affiliated with the case or witnesses, etc... like you can’t go on social media and talk about “bitchachos” getting what’s coming to them and then have Rabia retweet that to Thiru (the prosecutor in recent appeals) with “pay attention you MF’er”

  33. They've been hashed and rehashed by various posts, but more recently

  34. Thank you. His posts were some of the most fascinating I’ve read.! Just read some.

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