1. I got waitlisted from Villanova too but accepted to UVA. this year is weird

  2. i remember Kim admitting to photoshopping Saint’s clothes on her instagram from red to brown to make it match her ig aesthetic. Honestly impressed.

  3. he’s only doing this so he can continue to avoid the massive plot holes he created and distance himself from the chaos that was season two.

  4. i was literally looking it up online to find out what it meant. I WAS DYINGGGG😭😭😭

  5. A year. I messed it up with him and now he can’t even look at me. I want him back so bad.

  6. boi ur app must be insane if thats ur least impressive ec

  7. definitely not insane 😭, that ecs just the least related to my major

  8. I have 20 because i can’t decide where i want to go region wise

  9. Penn State. Still have to do the personal statement

  10. Wrote my personal essay on Friday and just starting my supplements for EA tn. WE GOT THIS

  11. haven't started supplements

  12. Why would the chick lie? 404 Answer Not Found … Why would your bf lie? To keep you around.

  13. in june i got a 1220 and for the october i got a 1140 LMFAOOOO I didnt study at all. hopefully december is better

  14. Ik wanna at least reach 1350 so my parents can stop bugging me about it, even tho most colleges now are SAT optional so idk 😭

  15. sameeee. Georgetown is my parent’s dream so just tryna get that score for them honestly

  16. Ruby still treats him like a pet and everyone else like shit. Maeve actually loves him. #TeamMaeve

  17. Why would you comment on another woman’s picture? Think dude.

  18. OATMEAL, the texture is similar to throw up and i just cant

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