1. Rush Limbaugh spent years of his life shaming people who had died, so he deserved zero respect when he died (fuck his cancer-riddled bigoted corpse)

  2. Most importantly fuck rush and his dead corpse I will literally go piss on his shitty grave

  3. Lol I know the cops are tired of dealing with these clowns like they have literally been there for months

  4. I had the tech3 years ago they were shit haven’t bought alpinestars since

  5. Stop asking to see the bobs and vagene

  6. That room probably smells like cottage cheese

  7. I will tear that coon anus to shreds

  8. Bet that big nasty butt stinks

  9. kid's will be better off with a 90 day break from his bullshit

  10. 90 days lol that’s funny and I’m sure he won’t do 90 days what’s even more crazy imagine if blm or antifa would of did what these morons did it would of been blood everywhere

  11. I don't think he knows how democratic government works. You can't just go in and fuck shit up even if you do get elected.

  12. I mean he probably doesn’t know how a democratic government works he is from West Virginia a pretty solid red state and the voters keep voting against their own interest

  13. Lol this is funny as every job I had boomers spew the exact same bullshit while not doing shit 😆😆

  14. Notice how she uses the term 'Americans' and refers to only people who are likeminded. Anyone not voting Republican isn't a real 'American' by her definitions.

  15. Basically by all republican standards they can only be patriots while literally glorifying traitors

  16. Unless an even further unhinged nut job gets elected in her place. I know it's hard to imagine someone even more fucked in the head than she is, but you never know.

  17. Now that it's more known that he's a low key Alt-right supporter he's going to go full bloom to make as much money as possible.

  18. He already is and the alt right is embracing him with open arms

  19. Feeler gauge they are used for alot I use them to check valve clearances

  20. The meth addiction is serious in this one

  21. I wouldn’t of gave up so easy I always string them as long as I can

  22. 😆😆😆😆😆 fake ass bullshit

  23. They don’t and democrats will allow it to happen

  24. Dude clean under your fingernails

  25. Funny how these dumbasses are always looking for someone loyal and trustworthy and the whole shit is based on a lie

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