1. Fake outrage. This meme was made to look like it was made by a capitalist. Pic is from Texas 2021. No socialist baby formula shortage to make fun of between then and now

  2. Have you been to a Walmart? Not sure about where you live but in Florida there's definitely a shortage. Friends in Michigan and New York tell me they have to drive across state lines just to feed their babies

  3. I'm not saying there's not a shortage of baby formula. I guess it's hard to convey what I was trying to say.

  4. Yeah, I believe you may be right about the origins of the meme to look as if it were made by a right winger but in actuality not. Well said.

  5. Tried everything it just doesn't wanna happen, if i go to someone else'a word as a helper and kill it there do i get the achievement

  6. Did you get the rune of death from atop the Lirunia lakes tower? ( must have the carian inverted statue from rannis questline)

  7. So the 2nd area they're much harder to find because of how big it is and how yellow the area is during certain moves.

  8. I don’t think dual wielding saber would play any different to normal saber heroes. And I say that as a fact not a hypothetical, Grevious dual wields and he plays the same as the rest

  9. I wouldn’t have hated on other consoles for ever I was a Sony fanboy and just got a switch last year

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