1. "An estimated 5%, or about 1 in 20, asymptomatic patients coming to UCSF for procedures unrelated to COVID are testing positive for the virus, said Dr. Bob Wachter, one of the university’s leading infectious disease experts."

  2. "Before 2016, guests on a popular whale watching tour had to sail far offshore for photos of whales. But these days, migration patterns of endangered humpbacks have altered so much that the boat stays almost entirely within the bay.

  3. Heard crazy stories from further south; Weather folks seem to be saying we'll have to monitor in next day about fire starts but looking pretty quiet and objectively much less severe storm than in 2020.

  4. Breadbelly is truly amazing. Can't wait to try Ono.

  5. This quote.... “You got the big corporation with all the money behind it, and on the other hand, you have 8-year-olds standing outside Safeway with no cookies and they look sad,” said Alex Kao of Lafayette, whose eighth-grade daughter in Lafayette is not participating in the DoorDash program.

  6. https://www.sfchronicle.com/projects/best-burger-oakland-berkeley-east-bay/

  7. On this topic... "For the period from 1895-2020, the average winter temperature from January-February in San Francisco was 50 degrees. In June-July, it rose to 60.3 degrees. Last year, the average winter temperature was 53.2 degrees, while in the summer it was 62.4."

  8. Did you all see there was an update here -- it wasn't that plane.

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