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  1. Religious fanatics and politics have unfortunately been attributed to him, but Ali (ra) is one of the greatest men to have ever lived. May Allah be pleased with him

  2. even from a religious POV, the husband's anger makes no sense to me. Imagine if the woman suddenly had to give birth, would the husband rather put her life in danger than allow a male doctor to assist her?

  3. This is such a fallacy and all of these arguments are. You’re bringing up the potential of health related danger as if it happened. No one is advocating for putting a woman at danger when there’s urgency or emergency. Not in the slightest. And no one is defending violence either. It’s about the principle. A man not wanting to another man to see his wife in that state isn’t sexually insecure. He just has dignity and cares.

  4. That's really all it comes down to. Sexual insecurity and nothing more

  5. Sexual insecurity? That's what you call this? You guys are pathetic excuses for men. A marriage is a sacred bond, consummated before God, where a man and woman tie their lives to each other and only. A man not wanting another man to look at his wife and see her body in a vulnerable state is anything but insecure. It's quite literally the bare minimum. You guys are pathetic.

  6. What if Dukakis won the presidency and not Bush Senior. I've always had ideas about what I think it'd be like and who gets elected after Dukakis up until now, but I'd love to see someone think through it with the graphics and electoral maps alongside.

  7. في حدا تصور تونس تساوي مثل السعودية بالختام؟؟ يا ريت خلوا هذا الفريق يلعب ضد أستراليا لكان تأهلوا بسهولة.

  8. كفووو🇸🇦🇹🇳🇲🇦

  9. My goodness this timeline would have been dark

  10. This makes my blood boil so much, I wish Iran and Assad would just disappear off the face of this earth

  11. Anything that smells like her

  12. John Edwards is honestly the first person who comes to my mind.

  13. I’m pretty comfortable in predicting that Tester manages to clinch his race and win re-election. Manchin is a bit more complicated, but I’d bet on him before a blue Texas (though I’d happily eat my words if a good candidate - and not Beto, please - stepped up to challenge Cruz).

  14. Not a huge player of videogames but Final Fantasy 7 is easily my pick. Honorable mention to Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Emerald.

  15. Israel for obvious reasons. Iran is a very close second

  16. I was driving through rural Pennsylvania once on the way to the Poconos and passed by a custom banner about the size of a billboard that said:

  17. The DP is notorious for doing stuff like this: publishing horrible takes for viewership and clicks. I find it hard to believe that the editors in the back read this and unanimously felt moved by what was written. Putting the author's horrendous take to the side, the writing quality of this piece is subpar and the actual argument is flawed at best; the DP still published it. They do this often.

  18. Iraq was no where near as powerful. Was it large? Sure. But it was incompetent, under equipped, & reliant on largely outdated equipment in 1991. In 2003, the Iraqi military was basically non existent as a fighting force.

  19. I understand this argument but you talk as if Iran has the most advanced equipment. The US is selling Ukraine arms from the 80's and 90's and thus far they've stood head to head with Russia. Do you think Iran has more advanced equipment than Russia? Then take that and compare to the US.

  20. I never said that the US should invade or occupy. It would set Iran back centuries and further destabilize the entire region. The regime does need to fall but military occupation is not the answer. It's a bad move and shouldn't happen.

  21. I never heard anyone before say fanella in my trip to Damascus, Daraa, Aleppo, Homs, Latakia, Tartous and Banyias

  22. I am from Baniyas; me and my family all say fanella

  23. Literally agents of the devil, I hope Nasrallah meets a painful demise

  24. احلم دوما ان اكون الافضل بين الجميع لذا اجمع البوكيمونننننننننن على خير الصنيع

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