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  1. This is very silly that I saw this post, bc right before I opened reddit I had a thought back to a convo about people who can't eat the same thing more than 2x, and I've always thought "well if you're actually hungry, you will eat."

  2. [ัƒะดะฐะปะตะฝะพ]

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that! If you don't mind revisiting the experience and talking about it further, I would appreciate it, as I'm thinking that I certainly wouldn't intentionally agitate him, but I guess I will be more adamant of recording his behavior? I've never had something like this happen before, it was kind of scary being that he's older, I figured in the moment if he decided to make a more dramatic fuss I could've ended up in trouble.

  4. They're expensive, but merino wool underlayers are fantastic. They're naturally antimicrobial/breathable too, so multiple wears and then a light wash does just fine. If you can catch a sale on smartwool brand stuff, I would say anything less than $70-$75 is a deal. I've found underlayers in the $50 range, even. Make sure that the percentage of wool is around 95%, a lot of cheaper brands are polyester with wool sprinkled in. They're thin enough to fit under many styles of pants/fabric.

  5. This could also be a weight change. If she did a brand deal with pics, maybe it was taken earlier in the year and then released and she lost weight? Trying to give benefit of doubt but not sure ๐Ÿฅบ

  6. Judgement: this is 100000ร— better than anything I can make and you should be very proud

  7. As a person who enjoys doggies, I seem to be much more critical of other dog owners. People are terrible about training their dogs. If my dog even so much as sniffs a stranger I immediately ask if its ok and say that I don't mind telling her to stop/get away. Even if said stranger seems ok with it. I even do that at home with friends.

  8. As much as I complain about Merkans, Okinawa has this problem too. Theres something around 5500 tons of unexploded munitions on/around the island from WW2. I think I've heard of American tourists doing it, but definitely heard of Japanese tourists trying to take unexploded munitions home as souvenirs.

  9. How did you even find the strength to post this?

  10. aweee yeeee <- my brain Congrats on yr root veggie~

  11. In front of my entire software bootcamp cohort, including all our teachers, I said how excited I was to "finally get a boring job." My main teacher did not look too stoked about that.

  12. Weeeoow gorgeous dress! And with yr perfect skin and how well the dress fits you I had to double take to make sure the you weren't a mannequin lol!

  13. LOL I LOVE this! Its a little shark portrait. This is like something sentimental you'd see in an old timey locket.

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