1. I do believe that attach has not been plying well for a while now & this might be long overdue but I dont think this change will change anything idk that’s just me we will see

  2. bruh if they lose to florida & lag they gotta pack it up foreal

  3. I mean hasnt the overwatch league always been on youtube????

  4. Did Claudia say she was 45? Daaamn girl. She's looking fine. I would have guessed 10 years younger

  5. I was mind blown I just knew she had to be in her late 20s early 30s I had to rewind that 😂


  7. wait I remember seeing this news about kj osborn helping someone in a crash I had no idea that it was nelson???? that is crazy!!! thank god he is okay 🙏🙏🙏

  8. 100% facts. You don’t understand how hurt I was when the optic team didn’t get picked for Val man. Was gonna miss seeing all the boys together in the process videos and everything.

  9. which is still insane to this day I dont get it that optic team was SO GOOD


  11. standy is not joining optic its too late in the season im 100% sure regardless of whatever happens they are sticking for the rest of the season

  12. no bs when shotzzy got kills in that control both times & decided to not stack both times I was so damn confused

  13. I think dashy and ghosty will take his input seriously. I'm not too sure about shottzy and huke tho.

  14. imma keep it all the way real they wont take him seriously then there will be posts on this very sub talking about how they dont take him serious 😂

  15. yall gotta realized that hecz & nade are completely different hecz has never played competitive call of duty nade has so he can sympathize with players he understands both sides as a player & owner

  16. its in a weird spot right now but ill watch every single one of these spin offs because I bleed the challenge ive been watching for too long im locked in

  17. prolly faze or thieves tbh they are the only 2 teams that have that really good chemistry

  18. nahh you tripping lmaoo I will say gun runner dom was kinda fun to watch ngl

  19. I love amber & I never ever understood from day one why the girls felt the way they did about her I always though it was just a jealousy thing because shes pretty & really good @ the game im so happy she shared that & I hope these girls show love truly ❤️

  20. I think they did a 3 peat in gears too right?

  21. oh damn I thought you were talking about optic in general

  22. bro did yall know beans was british????

  23. I'm guessing you weren't on this sub last year and have also managed to miss every single "Beans on Toast" meme made over the last month or so?

  24. I mean I know about the beans on toast UK thing but I thought they were just saying beans on toast because his name is beans I didnt know he was actual from the UK

  25. this is so true & this is why content will always be a vital thing Ive always said if I were someone like atl faze I would be marketing the hell out of abezy & simp I would be making tiny terror t-shirts water bottles anything honestly lmaoo cod will always be a personality driven esport

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