1. Seriously. It’s a historically important book. The first place I should expect to see it is a college campus. I had to read excerpts from it to write a paper for History of the Holocaust class.

  2. It’s probably the most appropriate place where to see someone reading that book

  3. Absolutely bleak and demonic. Only on this sub would family looking out for each other be seen in such transactional terms

  4. This is such an Australian thing - wogs would not even think or contemplate this lol

  5. Paul Craig has a win over the champion in his division. Let that sink in.

  6. Paul Craig next up for a title shot confirmed

  7. Congrats to Jamahal but man if you go from sad to angry to normal like that so quick you should give therapy a shot

  8. Rio Tinto is literally carrying the Aussie economy. Take your pseudo-leftist crap elsewhere.

  9. nothing they said is in any way 'pseudo-leftist', you're being paranoid

  10. A me anche manca moltissimo la tv di fine anni ‘90 e inizio ‘00 (tipo ‘ok il prezzo è giusto’ e i vari quiz dell’epoca) ma più di tutti i programmi di Italia 1 e MTV. Quando tornavo a pranzo da scuola c’era il mio appuntamento fisso con i Simpson e subito dopo passavo su MTV perché c’era Victoria Cabello (fantastica) che andava in diretta da Londra con MTV Select, poi subito dopo c’era TRL con Marco Maccarini e Giorgia Surina live da piazza del duomo che non perdevo per niente al mondo. Quando hanno messo Cattelan al posto di Maccarini secondo me è stato un po’ l’inizio della fine di quel programma :( bei tempi comunque!

  11. Imagine simping for a bald goober

  12. No way this is real. Is this real? No way this is real

  13. Christ, so many of you are so insecure

  14. Did he say “metaphorical nuts”?

  15. In a world which really is tipsy-turvy, the true is a moment of the false

  16. The consequences of neoliberalism

  17. My mom unironically sent me a link to Disturbed’s cover of the sound of silence when she was going through a depressive period over the covid lockdowns lmao

  18. I say I'm bi to check the diversity box so I don't get auto rejected on work and scholarship applications, not sure if that counts.

  19. Being a fan of this sport is so rough

  20. I'm going to be completely radical here and say that if something is as important as housing, then maybe the government should supply it and not leave it entirely up to greedy investors.

  21. Imagine this being seen as radical instead of sensible

  22. Quitting SSRI cold turkey was one of the weirdest and most uncomfortable 2 months of my life

  23. I think asking for consent is a buzzkill. Not that consent isn’t important, but anybody with basic social skill should be able to tell when the other person is consenting or not, without having to sign a contract or something.

  24. What is happening to the world? What box would you even put this in anymore? Is it the same as the they/them fad? The pro-sex worker thing? I'm literally only just 25 and I don't understand what the hell is going on

  25. This post prompted me to unfollow izzy. I’ve decided to ignore him until he fights, as that’s the only time I actually like him, when he’s fighting. He’s a weird guy with a personality of a 16 year old Maga American teenager(which is ironic because those are probably his biggest haters)

  26. He was founder of Megaupload and currently a crypto personality now

  27. They can read what they want. The "classics" of literature are overhyped circle jerk garbage. I have much more respect for people who read Oprah's Book Club or similar...

  28. Nah, small dicked black guys are some of the biggest (and best) incels out there, because they dont even hsve the BBC thing going for them

  29. I mean stupidpol already made a few observations over the years about how incels have interracial solidarity.

  30. I’m not that deep in the incel-hole to know that

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