1. Last Gasp printed these too? Wowwwww. What a killer lot.

  2. Looks like one of those frat/sorority shirts, very modern

  3. Does hair not decompose, if not, how is it kept in condition like this?

  4. Fantastic question! There’s a lot of documentation on this. Start here:

  5. Yea but at the same time it’s a snipe, just like when you find an expensive shirt for way less than what it’s worth for sale online

  6. Please tell me where that definition exists because urban dictionary disagrees with you

  7. Joke or not this is the most baffling suggestion I’ve seen on Reddit. I want to look inside your brain since you live in a world where needing to piss while visiting the cemetery is a regular enough need for you to want this.

  8. The need for bathrooms in public spaces is including, but not limited to: People who need to breastfeed babies/change diapers, people with IBS/IBD/crohns, people with incontinence, people who need a quiet moment alone, the list goes on. The question isn’t “why do you need a bathroom?” but “why aren’t there more public facilities for those who may need them?”

  9. Get outta here with these! The peyote one AND the Fillmore East?!?! Grail status.

  10. Cabaret Fledermaus has an 80s/Goth night on Monday (EDM, 80s, etc) as well as an 80s/90s night on Friday that is extremely fun.

  11. How full is it on Monday? I'd rather not travel there on purpose to find out it's empty.

  12. Usually the later in the day you go the better, depends on holidays/events happening around the city as well.

  13. It is a promo shirt for a restaurant made in the early 10s and it is worth less than you paid for it

  14. It looks 80s (maybe even late 80s/early 90s) made to look 60s. But just going from the tag. "Grooove" just feels so "that seems like the 60s!"

  15. Def 70s/80s, this kind of graphic print wasn’t really possible in the 60s

  16. Oh lmao good point, I can never tell with the bin flippers if they’re joking or just that stupid

  17. This is hands down one of the best shirts ive ever seen

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