1. Where in the universe is Purple, aka the only acceptable color besides maybe and only maybe green

  2. One storyline of this relationship actually panning out, Batman gets to have his, give Spider-Man his(I know Catwoman is more of Batman’s main love interest but still) We need an updated storyline that breathes something new

  3. On todays episode of oh what a surprise I never saw coming

  4. I feel like this is a compliment more than an insult

  5. Servais doesn’t understand when a pitcher is pitching shit, you need to replace him

  6. My oh my we actually are scoring with the bases loaded

  7. Better start practicing his footwork because that’s what Graham Potter wants in a keeper

  8. Bold of you to assume Potter will be around by the time he’s ready

  9. Fucking useless, give Trammell his ABs

  10. You know she used to be cute now she just looks like the color of my dresser

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