1. Unless your dog has a very sensitive gut, the last bite of taco bell isn't going to hurt your dog.

  2. Getting people with DS trained and effective in their positions definitely requires both money and effort, but the argument that it does not bring much benefit to society is garbage.

  3. You're not replacing your Yorkie by getting another dog. You're just getting another dog. Your Yorkie is floating in the energy soup of the universe and knows that you were always destined to get another dog, and she wants you to get another dog because your life just isn't the same without her. Just like you wanted what was best for her, she wants what is best for you. Do what is best for you when you feel like you're ready. Do not feel guilty. You know that you can never replace her. She knows that you can never replace her. There will always be a special part of your heart and soul dedicated to her, and that part will not shrink when you bring a new dog home. Your heart will grow, and you will construct a new room in your heart for your new dog. And with any luck, your Yorkie is out there somewhere finding you a new best friend that can be with you when she can't be.

  4. I went through a lot of grippy options with my senior dog. The best dog-worn solution for us was Dr. Buzby's Toe Grips. They should stay on pretty well if your dog doesn't have any neurologic deficits.

  5. Not necessarily a spinal issue but could be an orthopedic issue.

  6. Pleasurehouse Point in Virginia Beach-- this is the lowest tide I've ever seen here though! It's not normally like this.

  7. You had it set to M for 'mini' when you should have set it to W for 'wumbo'!

  8. This. I grew up regrettably conservative, fundie christian... And I remember asking my mom once, "if we're the 'stewards of the Earth', then shouldn't we be trying to take better care of it?" and her response basically boiled down to, "oh, don't worry about it. All of us GOOD Christians will be raptured up before the earth becomes uninhabitable 🙂".

  9. Okay but God gave us the earth to actually care for it in his place and if we don't do that, then we aren't good Christians who won't get raptured and we'll die in the hell in earth we willingly allowed to happen. 🤷‍♀️ Fuckin' idiots, the lot of them.

  10. Psyllium hydrates into a jelly-like substance and will not make poop too hard.

  11. Does the sweater and harness go over his head? He may not like how it feels when it comes off. Switch to a blanket-style jacket that velcroes at the neck and belly. Use a harness that clips around the neck and body, or one that the dog can just step out of after unclipping.

  12. Professional show handlers. They mostly work with other people's dogs but it is a job not many think about. You can, of course, show your own dog while you're there!

  13. Dogs are the most genetically diverse species on the planet. Dogs are amazing because there's a type of dog out there for almost every purpose imaginable, and while the dog's traditional purpose may not be important in modern society, their behavior traits persist through careful selection and propagation by ethical breeders. If you desire certain traits, you need to go through an ethical breeder who is breeding dogs that, on the whole, will predictably develop those traits. If you don't need predictability in your dog and are game to handle whatever, then you should rescue, because that's exactly the home a rescue dog needs.

  14. I don't even have words for how impressive this is. You are skilled beyond the limits of my language. Incredible.

  15. Wear a helmet and high vis gear to keep yourself safe.

  16. The floof right above his hock (lower leg) is so long and luxurious. All that butt floof is called "pants", but I think his are more like bell bottoms.

  17. My last dog peed on Frederick Douglass grave. I used to walk her through the big cemetery, because she was reactive, and it was a great place to train her to relax, plus many little areas to go be away from people if she got too stressed. I always tried to make sure her and I stayed away from being on top of the graves themselves, and were as respectful as possible of people’s resting places. She had walked over to the grave to sniff, and then popped a squat. I got behind her and scooped her off the grave while she was still peeing, and got alllll the splashback- but my gosh I felt so awful and embarrassed!

  18. People like to ask "is my dog racist?" because they're reactive to different skin tones and such due to poor socialization. Not racist. But your dog... I think your dog might be racist. Lol

  19. Oh geez I actually really needed to read this right now, thank you. Dog got into a bag of mint chocolate candies a few days ago and I’ve been worried sick about him since.

  20. The next time this happens, use this tool to know whether to seek treatment (or know how much to worry!):

  21. Isabelle will be fine. There's very little actual chocolate in ice cream chocolate candy shell. She will feel a slight caffeine-like buzz at most.

  22. My sister (38F) used the toilet perfectly for decades and now we're basically where you're at now. :\ I hope someone has advice that her caregivers can use too. Sigh. But, I will suggest trying to make my sister help clean up when she makes a mess. I bet that would encourage her to go to the toilet! So, thanks for the idea even if it isn't working out great for you at the moment!

  23. Dandelion got a 5 point major at a show this past Saturday, earning his first AKC points towards a championship!

  24. No photo thread this weekend so the Brag post can stay stickied. Feel free to share photos to go along with your brags, though!

  25. Ah yes, the coveted China Cabinet edition.

  26. Absolute bare minimum is actually doing nothing. You must be fun at parties.

  27. No, bare minimum when caring for an animal is not "nothing". If you never care for your dog's feet, that is neglect.

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