1. Their first album "Fallow," while not exactly lo-fi, definitely has a more unrefined feel to it.

  2. The Advent Calendar is the first not-crooked print that I've seen. Pleasantly surprised.

  3. Out of curiosity what did you pay?

  4. Damn. Whoever got that from you got a pretty decent deal. I've seen unopened boxes for almost twice that much.

  5. Does this use any extra pieces, or is it from only what's included in the box for 75300 ?

  6. I’m going to show my age, but black/yellow combination will always be Blacktron to me

  7. Despite your best efforts I feel alright. Against my better judgement I feel alright.

  8. Ewok Village is one of my white wales. I have the UCS Tie Fighter, and it looks amazing.

  9. No Children always feels good to play and sing. "I HOPE YOU DIE. I HOPE WE BOTH DIE" is just a killer line

  10. I was having a shit day, and kept singing to myself "I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow, I hope it bleeds all day long"

  11. I know that I have the baseplate for this. I should dig through my big bin and see if I can rebuild it.

  12. 6808 - we have had some BASIC sets since forever, but this is what I believe to be the first set I remember receiving. I also remember having troubles building it :)

  13. A lot of songs from Casiotone For The Painfully Alone have the same feel to them.

  14. Weakerthan's (or John K Samson) are so good in many of the same ways. Lyrics that tell a part of a story that draws you in, fills you with feeling. Leaves you to fill in the rest of the story yourself

  15. Exactly. I love the first line of the first song from Reconstruction Site: "I want to call requests through heating vents; and hear them answered with a whisperd 'no'."

  16. Boring answer, but the Mess Inside for me. Just powerful lyrically. Particularly the verses:

  17. I immediately thought of this song, and "I wanted you, to love me like you used to do"

  18. A Kowalski motorcycle with the words "900 Cubic Centimeters of Raw Whining Power"

  19. I had a few SW sets from the original run in '99-'00. But what caught my eye as an adult was the 75050 B-Wing. Ever since then I realized that I can spend my money on big expensive-ish sets.

  20. I fully support this trend because it allowed me to cop 10221 for $800 USD when they normally go for $1.2k

  21. Your sister is Sabine Wren? She's doing an awesome job re-painting the Falcon.

  22. If I remember correctly, in Heir To The Empire, Luke takes out an entire room of assassins by throwing his lightsaber and using the force to guide it around the room.

  23. If there's any single song that gives me hope for the human species, it's Color In Your Cheeks

  24. I love “Heretic Pride”, it is about literally being murdered but the line “I feel so proud to be alive/I feel so proud when the reckoning arrives” always makes me feel more hopeful! Also “Sax Rohmer #1” always gives me the will you live when I feel a little hopeless, even if it isn’t directly about hope. It’s more of a “I will stay alive to spite all of you” vibe haha

  25. Basically display. Was going to display them next to the pilot helmets. Wanted something a bit more than the recent smaller kits.

  26. I can't speak for the X-Wing, but I have the UCS Tie Fighter, and it looks amazing as a display set.

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