1. Legitimately laughed out loud at your name

  2. his being a famous millionaire was like an anchor to his threat level, and he totally played that up. He leaned to this idea of “I’m just here for the Survivor experience, I want to help you win, winning isn’t important to me” as a way to basically act like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and control the game without anyone realizing it

  3. I was looking for this comment when talking about Caroline’s current game play. Love this way of describing this type of character, as leaning way into their flaws so they can play authentically and still not be seen as a real threat.

  4. There is no definitive list as far as I know. Max Dawson had a

  5. Do you have the link to the Max thread?

  6. Wow had no idea! I imagine a nicotine patch could have really changed Shane’s story lol

  7. YES! I’ve tried mentioning this to them during a live watch party when they were in my city and I’ve brought it up on their KIA live chats.

  8. And while I’m brainstorming for survivor money grabs - someone please sell the seasons with commentary in a digital format. Idk anyone who owns a DVD player anymore. Still want the content.

  9. Really, the solution is to have 25 RANKED battles per day, but an unlimited number of unranked battles so people can mess around with different teams and try new things without worrying about going down in rank

  10. Yo can someone ping niantic on this? I’m so annoyed. I just finally nailed my team for one cup and then they switch to a new one. Finally get a groove on this one and I’m maxed out for the day. I’d like pay the 99 cents to do more battles wth

  11. I bet all those people he owes money to would like to have a say in sentencing lol

  12. There is supposed to be a title company that researches the title in each transaction and you can purchase title insurance to cover any loss if they made a mistake. Most people get title insurance. There are a lot of wonky real estate transactions in South Carolina. There much be an attorney for closings (not just a title company) so this necessitates a crooked lawyer for each deviant situation. One major example was Scott Wickersham in Charleston who did about $45M in mortgage scamming before getting arrested. I almost fell victim to an attempt to scam me out of a house and there were 2 SC lawyers involved. I was clear that they weren't afraid of consequences for felony fraud. All lawyers in SC know how dirty the legal system is.

  13. Has anyone looked into Alexander & Brown, the law firm that did all of the deeds for AM, MM, their LLC and their trusts? Kevin Brown is the title agent and notary on all their deeds. Could be coincidence but given how over-leveraged these properties are, there’s some red flags

  14. It looks like he transferred all of their properties from his name to Maggie’s back in 2016 and 2019 (at least in Colleton County - I haven’t yet looked at others yet). There’s also some property in their LLC and in a Trust where Paul is a trustee. Not a single property is in Alex’s name. It’s pretty clear he did these to hide and protect assets from being subject to any liens or judgments against him, but it also could be more evidence of motive for killing both Maggie and Paul. Because these properties don’t automatically transfer to the spouse/father - they’d have to go through probate.

  15. Rayquaza 2844 4678 7997 People keep quitting before we start and it’s killing me 😭

  16. Hey my fam is from pigeon forge 👋

  17. sherri was basically just an annoying placeholder, not even sure why she got casted

  18. Sherri’s premerge game was fantastic. She dominated the social game and she made it to ftc when she should have in theory been the first one out. Also her relationship with shamar was hilarious.

  19. So weird I am watching this episode now and just came here to see if anyone else noticed this or the “C Block” in the background

  20. The hair mask is at Marshall’s for less than fff price

  21. Girrrl where is your Marshall’s? I need to go to there

  22. I’ve gotten two pairs of Privé sunglasses through FFF, and both broke quickly. The plastic ones, the arm snapped in half in my pocket. Just know that they’re cheap quality.

  23. But I definitely appreciate the feedback. Might just be that I don’t put a lot of trust in the quality of sunglasses overall / trust in my care of sunglasses 😅

  24. Chaotic good or chaotic evil 😈

  25. Toss the scrunchies, blow dry primer, body cleanser, eyeliner, dirt mask and mermaid milk. All subpar, to me.

  26. Interesting, I have the mermaid milk and it also seems like just OK to me. Not bad, not great. But the reviews always confuse me. Why is it so highly rated?

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