1. I recommend Windows96 or FM Skyline!

  2. If anything future funk is an evolution of city pop, early vaporwave took inspiration from western pop music. DEFINITELY the more popular vaporwave tracks are clearly sampled from Japanese city pop, so I totally get where your coming from. Regardless, you’ve brought up good observations.

  3. This looks somewhat like Paradise Plaza from Dead Rising, great job!

  4. Thank you!! Yes that’s exactly what this build was based on!

  5. another mall once again,haha! Cant wait to see what you do with this one😁!

  6. I apologize for the late response, but anyways. The user I mentioned for the main decals is called KingGhostHost on Roblox, their inventory for decals is open publicly. Since you asked for a specific decal, here is the link:

  7. Ok, this is the last question. How did you make the sand go over the road?

  8. Those are dirt piles that I repainted to match the sand :)

  9. Yeah but you have to deal with customers.

  10. this is so epic. i can’t wait to see what the final version looks like :)

  11. Me either, I hope to finish within the week!!

  12. If I saw this in-game by random I would burst out laughing but out of respect. This is dedication.

  13. This is so cool as a kid I was a big fan of SpongeBob this is so accurate good job

  14. Thank you! SpongeBob is definitely one of my favorite cartoons too!!

  15. What is the plot value for this? This is truly amazing! 😱

  16. I’ve since added several new buildings to the plot since these screenshots, so currently the plot is sitting at a value of 430k!

  17. Personally would've rather them waited for the full release as well. Even with the 6-8months of early access the game still would be delayed. AI pathing is wack as fuck and ruins most fights. The map feels pretty empty above ground? No big camps or anything.

  18. Yeah honestly I personally would have been find if they delayed it once again until the game was 100% completed. Seems more like they got bullied into pushing the game into early access lmao.

  19. From what I can tell, no. Played for several hours, instructed him to remain at a base I made so he doesn’t bother and follow me. Always returned and he was still alive and well, sitting like a goofball by a campfire, lol.

  20. Water from the lakes, literally walk up and press E, and it tells you immediately when placing something to hold C to break it down and pick it up. It’s not difficult at all.

  21. The sound is pretty similar to the songs on Omega Tribe's albums from the late 80s (Down Town Mystery / Bad Girl / Be Yourself). Maybe it's side B from single? Or some band members' side project?

  22. Thanks a bunch for that info and the link! Still trying to find the exact song but that’s a major help you’ve given!

  23. If this is not answered here in a couple days, I would ask J-Canuck at KayoKyokuPlus.

  24. Thank you for that information, I’ll try and ask them! I appreciate it!


  26. I do indeed but I live in indiana and no one from this sub seems to live here and I doubt they would want to buy it lol

  27. Damnnn, yeah that’s a bummer man. I genuinely hope you manage to find a buyer though. I’m sure if the price is right and yours is also in a good condition, someone is bound to be interested!

  28. For me the main thing that makes the game seem bland is just how boring the town is. Seems so dead and outdated, even a redesign of all the buildings would help a lot.

  29. I can recognize that mall from anywhere! That’s a modified version of paradise plaza from the mall in Deadrising!

  30. SPOT ON! Yeah I love that game and I tried to recreate it the best I can, only limitation really was in the plot size but I think I still did a solid job!

  31. Go to a Bloxburg neithbourhood and hire some people. Guaranteed it’ll be full! Add a giftwrapping section in each store to make it more realistisk :)

  32. Hey thanks for that tip, might just have to do that!!

  33. I have all of them saved until June of this year. Is there any one you want in particular? I've added a few (the most popular ones) over at the Internet archive.

  34. You are amazing. Thank you for taking the time to save as many mixes as you could and reuploading/sharing them with us.

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